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Watch Ford's Vehicle Drive 5G Remotely [vídeo]

Ford recently demonstrated at the Smart China Expo (SCE) a company car driven remotely through the 5G network. The entire process has been recorded and now released on video so everyone can see this technological feat.

With ongoing technological developments and the implementation of the 5G network, these actions, which now appear as science fiction, could work very well Become a common reality!

 Ford 5G Video from afar

At the Smart China Expo (SCE), Ford showed all the developments that Ford has made in the field of autonomous driving and also in the field of radio-controlled vehicles. The North American manufacturer even demonstrated this technology at the event. Remotely controlled a vehicle as in the cabin. Many thanks to the 5G network!

This live demonstration at the event was supported by the China Automotive Engineering Research Institute (CAERI), Datang and China Telecom. However, this feat was already shared by Ford online in a video available on YouTube.

For the selected vehicle, Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, the steering was set to be remotely controlled. About 3 km from the venue in Xiantao Big Data Village, this car took a track that was completely driven from a distance.

The driver used the video and audio signals sent by the vehicle to make decisions and give his own orders. Steering, acceleration and braking functions. For safety reasons, another driver traveled into the vehicle to take it over when needed.

So it was possible, in particular thanks to the 5G network, to control the car remotely. This technology, which looks like real science fiction, is constantly evolving. That means it could become reality on our roads in the future!

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