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With antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, ginseng (…)

It is said that Ging has been consumed in the China region for more than 5,000 years. The root, which is known to increase blood circulation and strengthen the immune system, is indicated in the fight against stress, lack of concentration and physical and mental fatigue. The ingredient known in eastern medicine has been successful in the pharmaceutical industry and is now arousing the interest of cosmetic manufacturers.

  Isabel Piatti, Cosmetology and Aesthetics Specialist

Isabel Piatti, Cosmetology and Aesthetics Specialist [19659004] Ginseng is a food with a high content of vitamins and minerals and can be a source of antioxidants that help in cell damage Preventing and repairing the body says the pharmacist Lucas Portilho. The scientific director of Consulfarma, who advises manipulation pharmacies, explains that the root also promotes the cutaneous immune system. " Regardless of your skin type, ginseng can probably help you as it acts as a natural dermal balance ."

According to the specialist in aesthetics and cosmetics Isabel Piatti, ginseng has already come into vogue and has conquered the world of cosmetics because of its benefits to the skin. " Antioxidant properties counteract aging, combat the harmful effects of sun rays and environmental pollutants and stimulate collagen production, reduce wrinkles and pressure sores ,"

Piatti cites various dermatological problems the ingredient can be treated. It soothes irritated or sensitized skin, can revitalize blunt and dull skin, and inhibit melanin production from blemishes and hyperpigmentation . " The CIA Ambassador – Center and International Institute for Scientific Research and Improvement – highlights another benefit of ginseng. " Its anti-inflammatory properties can minimize the effects of diseases such as acne and psoriasis and counteract redness and swelling ."

Not only in skin care ginseng occurs. The active ingredient may also be an ally in capillary health. Used to stimulate hair growth, topical application improves the hair's ability to regenerate, stimulates scalp circulation, and acts directly on hair follicles to prevent hair loss "says Mônica Santos, cosmetic technician at NPPE Hair Care.

The Taiwanese Shaan Honq Corporation brand has been using ginseng anti-cushions shampoo for more than 20 years and recently launched a new product for oily hair with the ingredient on the Brazilian market was produced. The root has an antibacterial compound that can prevent dandruff and seborrhoeic dermatitis, and ginseng can form a thin and resilient film around the hair fiber, providing a barrier against external influences such as the sun, pollution and wind. to prevent the aging of Fois "says Santos.

Isabel Piatti puts another reason for the flourishing of ginseng in the beauty industry: it's a natural ingredient. " Cosmetics are getting greener ", he emphasizes. Mônica Santos is of the same opinion. " In Brazil, manufacturers have reinvented themselves to face an increasingly demanding public that not only benefits skin and hair, but also the environment.The demand for natural cosmetics is gaining momentum and we have to respond to this trend in the years to come "says the expert of NPE

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