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Possible reason for the resignation of the CEO of Cathay Pacific

According to Taiwan News, various media in Hong Kong have reported that Cathay Pacific's former CEO Rupert Hogg has given his name to the Chinese Aviation Authority instead of a list of employees who participated in the protests in Hong Kong

Rupert Hogg joined Cathay Pacific in May 2017 as CEO. Previously, he worked for more than 30 years with the parent company of Cathay Pacific, Swire.

Cathay Pacific went into political turmoil when the Chinese authorities ordered Cathay Pacific to exclude crew members involved in illegal protests in Hong Kong from operating flights into Chinese airspace, including flights to other destinations, starting on 1

0 August Aims.

According to the Hong Kong Trade Union Confederation, 1200 flight attendants and pilots from Cathay Pacific took part in a strike on Monday (5 August). More than 150 flights have been canceled.

One can question the reliability of this possible reason, since there is a high degree of freedom of expression in Hong Kong. Absolute accuracy may not be possible unless this information is officially disclosed by Rupert Hogg or the Cathay Pacific management team.

Nevertheless, Wang Ting-yu, a member of parliament in Taiwan, wrote a Facebook post on Sunday afternoon (18th) to praise his act.

"True warriors show the noblest glories of human nature when faced with great choices.

He took responsibility for the strike and resigned!
He did not sell Cathay Pacific staff!
He took over the entire responsibility himself!
Please remember the name of this gentleman.
Mr. Rupert Hogg!
Greetings from you!


This reason, published by various media, may not be absolute. I advise readers to give objective judgment in processing this information.

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