PENNSAUKEN, New Jersey – A US Postal Service worker loads of mail in a New Jersey street, a spokesperson for the agency said this week.

Mail overflowing from a dozen cartons was found Sunday at River Street in Pennsauken, New Jersey, Scott Balfour of the post office by Inspector General said on Tuesday.

The post was dated for delivery on Aug. 8 from a post office in Roxborough neighborhood of Philadelphia, Balfour said. Pennsauken is located about 12 miles southeast of Roxborough on the other side of the Delaware River.

A Facebook user identified as Positive Energy posted a photo of the email on his account on Sunday morning.

"If you're looking for your email, it may be on the River Way (Station 36th Street)," he wrote.

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General Inspectors of Inspector General investigating alleged misconduct of postal workers, "noted that the employee responsible for rejecting the post had resigned. September, "said Balfour.

He said the investigators did not investigate why the post was thrown away in South Jersey.

"We have not found any other post about this incident," he added. 19659006] Balfour declined to name the former postal worker because no charges were made.

"I do not expect any further action at this time," he said, adding that the mail should be delivered by staff at the Roxborough Post Office

This incident follows news from Wisconsin that a postal worker has confessed stolen more than 6,000 greeting cards with cash and checks in Wisconsin.

Last Summer Live Wauwatosa, Wisconsin They complained to the postal service that they did not receive graduation, wedding, birthday and sympathy cards. After money was taken from a test greeting card, the mail carrier was arrested.

Ebony Lavonne Smith, 20, of Milwaukee pleaded guilty to theft or reception of stolen mail on September 12.

Contribution: Karen Pilarski, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Follow Jim Walsh on Twitter: @jimwalsh_cp

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