Southwest Airlines celebrated its first Hawaiian flight from Oakland, California, to Honolulu, with a blessing, hula dancers and more.
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Southwest Airlines' passengers should rely on flight cancellations by May as the Boeing 737 Max 8's impact continues to increase.

The airline that has more than one US airline According to a memo sent to the airline's pilots on late Friday to the airline's pilots, the 34 Max 8 has taken off the flight schedule by at least May.

Southwest had phased out the planes until April 20, but warned earlier this week. The Max 8 aircraft accounted for only a fraction of Southwest's 750 aircraft, but 34 aircraft – which accommodate 175 passengers and several Performing flights a day – meaning fewer flights at the beginning of the week said it had already canceled 2,800 flights on March 13 due to the Max-8 primer on March 13th.

These cancellations are in addition to 6,600 additional in the last six weeks, as we are winter Ather and labor disputes create a mess for travelers.

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 MAX aircraft parked on the tarmac at the Southern California Logistics Airport in Victorville March 28. After two deadly crashes in five months, Boeing endeavors to present itself as unaffected by the crisis surrounding the company. (Photo: MARK RALSTON, AFP / Getty Images)

Southwest said an extension of the schedule changes by May will reduce short-term flight cancellations that disrupt the plans of passengers and crew members from the Southwest. The airline's social media accounts were filled with passengers complaining about the short-term cancellation since the plane was anchored by the FAA on March 13, intending last-minute disruptions and same-day cancellations In a statement, the airline said in a statement.

It added, "Regardless of the schedule for after the return of the service of Max aircraft, it goes along The flight plan review is about returning to normal operation and restoring the reliability that our customers, who expect and expect our crews from the southwest, can restore. "

Southwest passengers traveling through May should now be given more attention to flight changes because the airline can better tailor their available aircraft to travel volume.

The memo to the pilots of the Southwest Pilots Association President Jon Weaks and Southwest's Vice President of Flight Operations, Alan Kasher, confirmed the impact of the cancellations on passengers and pilots.

"Now that the decision has been made, we can set our schedule well without these (Max 8) flights in the hope of minimizing daily disruption," the memo said.

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American Airlines canceled their flight cancellations earlier this week due to the Max 8 until the 24th. It has 24 of the aircraft in its fleet.The airline said the move would lead to about 90 daily flight cancellations.


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The decision was made de hit the MAX flight of May

off the schedule. This will affect the lines in May, but now that the decision has been made, we can

set our schedule without these flights in good time to minimize daily disruptions


Thanks again for everything you do for each other and our customers.

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