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Postwar Scene of Infinity War – BGR

Captain Marvel will launch on March 8, which means there will be more and more TV spots and teasers in the coming weeks, followed by an avalanche of interviews with all the stars of the film. A few days ago I told you that Marvel chief Kevin Feige was misleading that Captain Marvel will lead the Avengers in the future while I saw a […] Glass but unfortunately I can not find online. And now I show you a brand new revelation from Captain Marvel the Infinity War and Endgame first (somehow) in the post-credits scene of Infinity War [19659003] when Nick Fury staged the hero shortly before his ash formation. When leaving the cinema I had many questions about this moment. Why a pager? How long has Fury kept to this aging technology? Why did not he use it earlier to ask for Captain Marvel's help? Where is she still on the earth? Is this an intergalactic pager?

These questions still exist, but at least one theory says that Nick Fury has been waiting for this moment. That's why he gave Captain Marvel a call. Captain Marvel will explain everything in March, and now we have material to prove it.

The following video contains a collection of TV commercials and trailers that run on international markets via ComicBook including a spot from Russia in which the pager plays a significant role. The key part starts at the 23 second mark:

I do not speak fluent Russian:

Captain Marvel: Is this a portable communicator, anyway? Speak like an iPhone XS or Galaxy S10? For these it is still too early. But I can travel, you know?

Nick Fury: I do not know what you just said, this is a state of the art. Imagine this: Somebody has to catch me, hey, he's sending a text, and I'll call him right away. You can shoot photons out of your arms, but you do not have a pager? How do you talk to each other?

Captain Marvel: Hey, give me this pager now. At first I hate to hack public phones. Second, you can only use it once. Say an alien force, let's call it Thanos, wipe half of the universe with a snap of your finger, and you must take me to help the Avengers team that you will be creating in the next 10 to 10 years. I need one of these babies to contact you. And I will only answer if you manage to display my logo on the screen.

That's probably the core of the logo. I do not speak Russian either.

Seriously, this scene is very important to the film as it represents the next phase of the relationship between Fury and Captain Marvel. She's obviously ready to help Fury when he needs help, so she asks for a pager. It is very likely that she will receive this emergency message in 2018 as soon as the recording is made, and the remaining Avengers will help in Endgame .

Here is a look at this pager from the 90s. the one Fury gives Captain Marvel:

Image Source: YouTube

And here's this pager Fury used in 2018 to send her an emergency signal: [19659003 Image Source: YouTube

The Infinity War pager looks like the improved do-it-yourself pager in which Captain Marvel would see himself again In the '90s, a device that could enable intergalactic bidirectional communication between them returned. It is also a device that can display color, a device that does not require AA batteries to operate, and apparently uses some kind of advanced alien technology. Your must look exactly like that. Either that, or she still rocks the old, in which case does she keep it up?

Image Source: Marvel Studios

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