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New York City attempted to regain its footing on Sunday after restoring power after a massive power outage late Saturday night happens.

Energy company Con Edison said in a statement that the final impact of the failure on customers – affecting more than 72,000 customers on 30 streets from Times Square to the Upper West Side – shortly before midnight after power outages against 7 am began to have their power restored pm Saturday.

"With all customers back in service, the company will focus on investigating the cause of equipment failure and bringing the power system back to normal reliability levels," the company said.

Blackout in New York City: The following we know about the widespread power outage

Restoring power: Partial power failure in New York City Thousands without power

The failure, which occurred 42 years after the big blackout in 1977, meant that most of Manhattan was darkened. Broadway shows and a Jennifer Lopez concert at Madison Square Garden were closed and the streets blocked as the riders attempted to navigate without a traffic light and let stunned tourists and residents wander the dark sidewalks.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo, who dispatched the New York state forces on Saturday night, has initiated an investigation into the cause of the failure. Mayor Bill de Blasio said the police had confirmed that it was not a foul and that the failure was due to a "mechanical problem".

"There can not be a power outage of this magnitude in this city," Cuomo said, calling the failure "unacceptable."

"It's too dangerous, the risk to public safety and chaos is too high, we simply can not have a system that does that, it's ultimately so easy," he said.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority said the failure had "caused significant delays on many subway lines".

"Thank you for staying with us tonight," the subway ministry tweeted on Saturday . "Many thanks to the thousands of New York City officials who worked hard to make it all the way it should be for everyone, good night and take care of yourself."

Post: The Associated Press

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