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Practical Dirt Bike Parts Maintenance and Tips


Professional mechanics say that in most cases, dirt bikes need mechanical services because the bike owner failed to check and perform proper maintenance routinely. As a dirt bike owner, it helps a lot to have a piece of knowledge on how to keep your machine on its mint condition.

Maintaining a dirt bike is not as difficult as you think it is. When you own a motorcycle, you must know a thing or two about engine oils, motorcycle bearings, suspensions, bolts, tires, air filters, and some other essential components of a bike. Below are some handy tips for maintaining dirt bike parts.

Clean and lube your cables

Cables are one of the most crucial parts of a dirt bike. They provide access to all the essential controls of a motorcycle. Thus, you have to keep these cables in top condition so you can enjoy your bike for a long period. The clutch and throttle cables must be cleaned and after every ride. It should also be regularly lubricated. And while wires are crucial components of the bike, you might be surprised that cleaning and lubing these are relatively cheap and easy.

To maintain these parts, start by removing the cables from the bike’s lever and perch. Disconnect the throttle cables from the carburettor. Flush these cables with a standard contact cleaner because these are designed for grime and dirt blocking down the cables. After flushing with the contact cleaner, spray it once more this time with a standard lubricant. You need to regularly do this to give more life span to your cables.

Always wash your bike

Riding is now a part of your daily life if you are a dirt biker. But what should you do with your motorcycle after you drive for hours on a long trail? Do you secure it in your garage and wait until your next ride? Unfortunately, this is something most dirt bike owners practice. Ideally, washing the bike after every ride, regardless of the distance, and thoroughly inspecting it before you park it in the garage, is essential.

Cleaning your dirt bike parts does not take a lot of your time. Just a bucket of water and some soft and gentle brushes can help you go a long way. You can also use a pressure washer, although you need to be extra careful with it since water and dirt can be forced into the bike’s engine and other electrical parts.

Sprocket and chain care

Another critical rule to biking is to never ride with dry sprockets and chains. Lubricated chains, they say, are happy chains. This will not only give you a worry-free ride but also reward you with a better life span of your bike, thus helping you save tons of money along the way.

Chains and sprockets have to be lubricated thoroughly. When you notice signs of wear and tear as you clean and grease, you need to replace the whole drive train at this point. Another thing is to ensure that the chain is adjusted correctly. Too tight or too loose strings can whip off, bust, or even snap. This will then lead to your engine case to break, and when not dealt with immediately, can cause more problems.

Any ordinary biker can perform necessary dirt bike parts and maintenance. You need not call the professional mechanics to help you maintain your bikes. As long as you follow the primary maintenance care and tips provided by your bike maker, you’re bound to have a worry-free ride for longer years.

Author : Wayne