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Predictions of NBA finalists for Warriors Raptors and Finals MVP

Will the Golden State Warriors win their third championship in a row and their fourth in five years? Will Kawhi Leonard take over and bring the Toronto Raptors to the franchise operator's first title? And which star will take the finale of the MVP home?

On the way to Game 1 at the Scotiabank Arena on Thursday (9:00 pm ET, ABC), our NBA experts will make their selection for the series.

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NBA Finals

Toronto Raptors Vs. Golden State Warriors

The case for …

Warriors in 5
Golden State has proven its worth since the start of its championship run in 1

965. In 2015, it is part of the DNA to win en route and deal with adversity. That's why the Warriors in Toronto will steal a game, take care of Oracle's business, and finish this series north of the border. – Bobby Marks

Warriors in 6
In a six-game series, the odds of winning the lower starting value are greatest. I think that statistical models that consider this matchup either a mistake or give the Raptors the deciding advantage underestimate how well the Warriors have played without Kevin Durant. And if this series is tight and long, the likelihood of Durant returning to surpass Golden State increases. – Kevin Pelton

Warriors in 7
This is an extremely difficult task, especially when Durant's status is in the air. Kawhi Leonard, Kyle Lowry and the Raptors are a real threat, but the Warriors are still outstanding without Durant, have much more experience in the final and are well rested for the first time in a while. The return of Durant could challenge Toronto in the middle of the series. Stephen Curry has always played great against his father's old team. The health of Leonard and Durant will affect the outcome. – Marc Spears

Raptors in 7
The Warriors have an obvious championship pedigree and could easily win this series and get their three-goal. But the uncertainty over Kevin Durant's return – along with the home advantage of the Raptors, arguably the best player in the series in Kawhi Leonard and the best defensive that Golden State has seen during his dynastic run – is enough to bring about the opposite scales in the direction Toronto to say that the Raptors will win their first championship. – Tim Bontemps

The Raptors were built to cause trouble for the warriors. They have an outstanding defensive front with three winners for the defensive player of the year and a second place among three players, none of whom was the best defender of the team this season – this honor went to Pascal Siakam. The Raptors are the top 10 in the NBA in terms of 3-point and 3-point percentages, as well as the top 10 in terms of least 3-point points and the lowest allowed 3-point percentage. They have the variety of positions to play any style, from the traditional big to the small ball, with plus players in every position. – Andre Snelling's

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