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Pregnant Pakistani singer shot during performance – Hollywood life

How awful. Samina Sindhu, a Pakistani singer, was shot dead by a man who ordered to stand up and sing. "Even more heartbreaking is that she was pregnant when she was killed!"

Samina Sindhu 28, was reportedly shot dead at a family gathering in the village of Kanga near the town of Larkana in the Sindh province of Pakistan, the BBC reports. The exact circumstances of her death on 10 March are not very clear. Samina – whom the BBC reports in the eighth month pregnant while other reports list her after six months – was reportedly shot dead by a man who "threatened her to get up and sing," according to her husband Ashiq Samoo ]. When the pregnant Samina said she could not stand it because she was pregnant the man took off a gun and fired

A man named Tariq Jatoi was arrested compounding her death , He told journalists that he had fired in the air in the celebration and accidentally hit a bullet Samina. A video of the shoot should have reached the Internet, according to Independent . The video should not show anyone who threatens them. Instead, Samina is said to have sat with musicians on stage. According to reports, three men approach the stage and banknotes as usual. She stands and sings. As the three men leave the frame, three shots are heard and she falls.

"Niaz [ Junejo the reader of a court session judge, asked my wife to stand while she sang and also danced." Ashiq said, via Samaa TV. "She was pregnant and said she could not dance, she got up to get up and continued singing, meanwhile Niaz, who was drunk, provoked his friend Tariq Jatoi by saying that he just sat and watched while Samina … some of us brought Samina to the hospital, the police beat up the other musicians on our team who had been left behind and snatched them 35,000 rupees. "

Musicians protested and demanded justice over Samina's murder. Protesters demanded that the other two men be arrested at the scene. Ali Ahmed Palh chair of the Sindh Forum for Human Rights Defenders, alleged that the murder of Samina Sindhu was a target of killing, according to the Daily Times . "It's not the killing of Samina, but of art and music, her murder has sent a message that Sufism, music, art and dance are at risk in Sindh," he said. He also noted that Pakistan ranks at number 1

50 in the world with violence against women.

PPP Government President Abdul Fatah Bhutto visited Samina's family and assured them that they would be protected by a targeted murder by the government. Her husband, Ashiq, however, has expressed his dissatisfaction with the ongoing investigation and believes that her killing should be considered an act of terror rather than, perhaps, a drunken accident. He also reportedly requested that the suspect be charged with killing his wife and unborn child.

Samina, also known as Samina Samoon, was a locally known singer. She had released at least eight albums of Sindhi folk and Sufi music. Their main source of income, however, was at family events, which is the case for many musicians throughout Pakistan.

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