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Presidency 2020 includes 4 generations

He's a young man, not an old man, and for Buttigieg that's the point.

"When you look at me, my face is my message, right? Many of them just have the idea We need a generational change, and we need more voices that come from a generation that is in the decisions that are being made now

Buttigieg, who was born in 1982, would be the first presidential candidate for the presidential election if he goes by the Pew definition, having to do with Bernie Sanders who, like potential candidate Joe Biden, is from Silent Generation born before the end of World War 2. Together with the baby boomers and Gen Xers in between, this is a four-generation spread not seen in modern presidential politics.

Generations are slowly changing, and there are different definitions for start and stop, but this is Millennials' first full year, which is the constitutional age of 35 y has achieved the title of President.

Tulsi Gabbard, the congressman of Hawaii, is also 37 years old and grew up in the same time as Buttigieg was born in 1

981, technically the last year of Generation X, Pew said. They are both younger today than Sanders – born a few months before the Pearl Harbor attacks – when they were born.

A change of the old guard was a consistent topic for the Democrats this year. They took control of the House of Representatives this year with a diverse new army of millennial legislatures whose representative is New York's newly crowned Republican Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi, a Californian Democrat who is also a politician of the Silent Generation, was able to maintain some of her leadership by promising to meet new self-imposed upper bounds for leadership periods.

Trump was born in the first year of the baby boom, according to Pew. This is the same generation as Barack Obama, born in 1961, and Sen. Kamala Harris of California, born in 1964, the last year of the baby boom. We did not have a Gen-X president yet, but according to Pew's definitions, there are seven candidates from that time, from Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand from New York (born 1966) to Gabbard in 2020.

Oddly enough, there seems to be a smaller gap in attitude than between veteran George H.W. Bush and Vietnam War protester Bill Clinton.

But Trump, like Biden, was looking for provisions to avoid the draft during the Vietnam War. Sanders claimed the status of conscientious objector. They will face Gabbard or Buttigieg, the two youngest candidates for the presidential candidates. Both were born years after the Vietnam War and volunteered for the military during the patriotic period following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Buttigieg points out that Americans born after 9/11 will soon be stationed in Afghanistan. You will also be able to vote in 2020.

Buttigieg, currently the youngest in the industry, makes a virtue out of his relative political inexperience.

"I also think that age can be an advantage here," Buttigieg said recently in a CNN Town Hall. "Just because it allows me to give the country a vision of what our country will look like in 2054. This year, I come to the current age of the current president."

He also says that he rules a future in which he will live, which is macabre, but also makes sense.

"If you take that personally, then you know, if it's not just something that you're theoretically worried about, but you personally I'm preparing for what the world will look like, if – God willing – I'm getting into that age, then I think it gives you a different sense of urgency. "

Although Biden, Sanders, and Trump will tell you everything They're spry and go nowhere.

Even Buttigieg kept MSNBC short and said age is a disqualifier.

"It's not my turn to say if anyone else should be president, and you see, let us know that older voters vote for younger candidates and younger voters for older candidates," he said. "And that's good, that's good."

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