President Donald Trump says former lawyer Michael Cohen is a "weak person" who "lies" to receive a forced sentence. Trump commented shortly after Cohen pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about Trump's real estate business in Russia. (29th of November)

WASHINGTON – After his former lawyer found himself guilty of hiding potential Russian connections , President Donald Trump ended his Thursday in a special investigation and demanded their demise.

In two tweets after landing in Argentina for the G20 summit, the president described the two-year investigation as a "total witch hunt" and accused Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller of ignoring the "other side" crimes committed.

] "This is an illegal hoax that should be stopped immediately," the president said on Twitter on Thursday. "Müller refuses to look at the real crimes on the other side, where is the IG REPORT?"

It is far from the President's first attack on Muller and his investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 elections, but as is the case Mueller's investigations have come closer and closer to the President and his closest advisers.

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Early Thursday, Michael Cohen, the former lawyer and president of the president, pleaded guilty to lied to Congress to cover up Trump's ties to Russia, court documents show.

Cohen admitted to having lied about the plans for a Trump Tower in Moscow, and told legislators that the plans ended in January 2016, when they stood for a long time in Trump's presidential campaign.

The prosecutors said Cohen had lied to the committees in order to "minimize the ties between the Moscow project and (Trump) and give the false impression that the Moscow project was ahead of the Iowa caucus and the first priority in the hope

After When the conviction was made public, Trump resisted the criticism and what the plea might mean to him, calling Cohen "a weak person" and saying that even if his statement were true, it would i totally legal for him to negotiate a real estate contract during a campaign.

"He's a weak person and not a very smart person," Trump said, "Although he was right, it does not matter because during the campaign I could do anything I wanted, I ran my business."

The guilty request came from Mueller, who personally signed a contract with Cohen. The man had on Monday annulled a plea to Paul Manafort, Trump's former election chairman, for repeatedly questioning the investigators. Manafort held a hearing on Friday for a possible date for conspiring and obstructing the judiciary Representation of a pro-Russian faction in Ukraine.

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