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President Trump meets the Brazilian president

President Donald Trump invited his Brazilian counterpart President Jair Bolsonaro today at the beginning of their joint press conference.

Trump congratulated Bolsonaro on an "incredible election victory" and an "incredible achievement."

"A truly incredible challenge, but the end result was something the whole world was talking about," said Trump, adding that he expects the two to "have a fantastic working relationship."

Trump confirmed that Bolsonaro was named the "Trump of the Tropics," shares many of his views, "and we certainly feel very, very much among each other."

He also congratulated the Brazilian president for having recovered from a stab which proved to be "great courage" during his election campaign, tremendous courage. "

Trump, who was not so warmly welcomed by many other leaders on the world stage, said today's visit was an opportunity for the two countries to" build even stronger relationships. "

As part of that, Trump said he will name Brazil an important non-NATO ally.

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