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President Trump's foreign policy shows that he is far from being a dealer

Trump has turned his back on many things: the US is leaving the Paris Agreement, the nuclear agreement with Iran, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and more.

But that was the easy piece. Where diplomacy should lead to long-term benefits, Trump is still at the start.

North Korea does not yet have to get rid of its nuclear weapons, China must cement a new trade agreement, Iran must stop terrorism, Nicolas Maduro should resign from Venezuela, US troops should leave Afghanistan, the Taliban ask for peace, Saudi Arabia Come to the brutal murder to journalist Jamal Khashoggi and the Middle East, to hear even a hint of a peace plan.

Trump's self-confident, possibly calculated mobster, who first threatened and later climbed down, has provided little evidence that he is the dealer maker he claims is he.

The opposite may apply. His repeated setbacks have shown he is a diplomatic novice trumped by experienced international rivals. The apparent idea of ​​Trump's foreign policy is obviously based on trust.

Prohibition of Allies and Fights

For many of America's traditional friends, Trump seems to despise global opinion. He has isolated himself and alienated the US by avoiding allies, dealing with NATO and G7 partners, turning his back on a Pacific trade alliance, declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel, and ̵

1; shocking to international tribunals – withdrawing from Iraq's groundbreaking global climate agreement.

  US forces and bombers set themselves in response

And his timing, though not a fault of their own, could not have been worse. Even before he became president, the US confused the world with its contradictions: liberal gun laws and failed gun crime; incredible wealth and disproportionate poverty; Moonshot innovations and basic literacy issues.

The choice of a real estate entrepreneur without political experience and an oversized reality TV ego only raised the suspicion that the country was not functioning optimally. Trump's style was to put aside anyone who disagrees with him and to ignore the obvious discrepancies in his own thinking.

America's allies have sought to avert the hawks that encircle the White House as enemies quickly seize opportunities.

The newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron was one of the boldest and offered Trump a European Bromance and an alternative world view, although both attempts led to nothing.

The North Korean leader ran around him, almost agreeing with nothing on his two much-visited peaks. Nevertheless, he won the trust of Trump, who this weekend insisted that "Kim Jong Un knows I'm with him and does not want to." break me his promise.

In the meantime, few employees can tell Trump about his wrongdoing – he has fired more high-ranking officials than any other US president in recent history.
  Exclusive: Pictures show the launch of North Korea missiles while Pyongyang Trump

last week When US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo indicted Russia for encouraging Venezuela's Maduro to stay in power, Trump contradicted him with a call from Putin himself Of America's top diplomat who can shake his legs so shaky, of course, what hope still exists?

As far as foreign policy is concerned, Pompeo has mostly been reduced to a loyal megaphone, which reinforces Trump's claim of an increasingly unbelieving public the government to send a strike to Iran, saying, "It is absolutely the case that we have seen Iranian escalation actions, and it is also the case that we will hold the Iranians responsible for attacks on US interests.

What these "escalation actions" were he refused to specify, though two US sources told CNN that the threats contained "specific and credible" information that Iranian troops and proxy US troops in Syria, in Iraq and at sea. " A move not announced by the Pentagon, but by national security adviser John Bolton, comes one month after the US declared the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) a terrorist organization. Days later, Iranian ambassador to the UK, Hamid Baeidinejad, warned America "if they dared implement these instructions that the IRGC is a terrorist organization, if they opposed the IRGC, they would see how strong they would be repossessed locally. "The customer review has been automatically translated from German. [19659002]

Burden on European Relations

The Western Allies have not yet responded to US military advances, but relations with Europe over US policy toward Iran are tense since Trump unilaterally sided with the US has drawn from the US multinational nuclear agreement.

  US extends nuclear disclaimers for Iran, but with borders

The gaps were enlarged last weekend after the US had decided not to extend disclaimers to countries that had oil want to act with Iran, an unusually strong joint letter from foreign ministers of the EU, the UK, France and Germany, who "with regret and hesitation takes note of the decision of the United States". All the cracks in relations between the US and Europe are a gift to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Could Iran be a rare case where Trump's threats do not yield to relegation? Could tensions escalate to conflict, be it by accident or design? Trump enters an election cycle at home, the pressure to deliver overseas is growing, and enemies and allies are watching with cynical concern.

Trump spends his limited foreign credibility as a player wastes his last chips on the roulette wheel. If he over-subscribes, America's foreign-policy register could be in the red for some time.

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