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Pressure Mounts to Scott Pruitt, E.P.A. Boss, as a top consultant eye the output

A chorus of lawmakers, mostly Democrats, calls for a review of Mr. Pruitt's circumstances, and at least one Republican, Representative Carlos Curbelo of Florida, has called on Mr. Pruitt to resign.

The E.P.A. He published a memorandum from the Ethics Adviser to the Authority stating that the price paid by Mr Pruitt was an appropriate market value. In an interview with a columnist for the Washington Examiner, Mr. Pruitt said he was under attack because he was Mr. [19659003] Trump's agenda. The E.P.A. Since then, however, the Ethics Adviser has revised his view and suggested that not all available facts were available to him in the initial assessment.


Mr. Pruitt remains under attack for first-class and business-class travel.

Records obtained through the Environmental Integrity Project and reviewed by The New York Times showed that two weeks in June, the administrator and his aides cost the taxpayer more than $ 120,000. The Home Inspectorate and Government Reform Committee is reviewing Mr. Pruitt's trip as well as the Inspector General of E.P.A.

On Tuesday, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Democrat of Rhode Island, wrote to Mr. Pruitt asking him to declare a 40-day five-day trip to Morocco with staff in December. Mr. Whitehouse cited the administrator's calendar for the trip, which showed a full working day and two other days with a one-hour meeting.

The E.P.A. did not answer a request for a comment.


Under the control of Mr. Pruit's travel and personal finance, other issues are seething in the agency.

The Atlantic has published an article this week showing that the administrator has circumvented the White House's usual procedures to significantly increase politically appointed members. The advisers, Sarah Greenwalt and Millan Hupp, both worked for Mr. Pruitt in Oklahoma, where he served as attorney general before joining the E.P.A. Ms. Greenwalt's salary increased from $ 107,435 to $ 164,200, while Mrs. Hupps increased from $ 86,460 to $ 114,590.

Citing anonymous sources, the article describes how Mr. Pruitt re-ordered assistants with higher salaries following a provision of the Safe Drinking Water Act after the White House had not approved the increases. The E.P.A. did not deny the story.

Julie Hirschfeld Davis contributed to the report.

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