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Prevent Animal-Vehicle Collisions with Lanmodo Vast Night Vision System

Recent Data About Animal-Vehicle Collision Accident

Several research institutes have conducted researches on the animal-vehicle collisions. The results for each of these researches where all reported accurately and published online. According to the INSURANCE INFORMATION INSTITUTE report on animal-vehicle collision, the frequency of animal-vehicle collision is more during the deer season. This season runs starting from the month of October through December annually.

The statistics on animal-vehicle collision starting from 1975 to mid-2000s reported upward trends of animal deaths resulted from highway collisions of vehicles with animals. Animal death from a collision with a vehicle has increased from 89 in 1975 up to 223 in 2007. There was a decline in this number in 201

6 when 189 was reported. Also, the report in 2018 has it that one out of 167 drivers have reported hitting elk, deer, caribou or moose. In addition to this, a report from State Farm has it that there is about 1.33 million from July 1, 2017, and June 30, 2018, in comparison to about 1.34 million in 2017.

The report recorded by State Farm on the Insurance Information Institute was focused in West Virginia, United States. More so, the data on animal-highway collision published on the official site of U.S Department of Transportation has it that more than 98% of animal-vehicle collision are single-vehicle crashes. More of a report on this platform are as follow:

  • 89% of animal-vehicle collision occur on roads with two-lane
  • The frequency of animal-vehicle crashes is more on low-volume roads
  • The crashes also occur more on straight roads with dry surfaces
  • The animal-vehicle crashes normally take place in the morning between5-9a.m and in the evening between 4 p.m-12 a.m.
  • The rate of animal-vehicle crashes is more in the spring and falls when animals are free to move around in search of food.
  • Deer collision with vehicles is reported to be about 90% of animal-vehicle crashes.

What is Lanmodo Vast Night Vision System

Lanmodo Vast night vision system is one of its kind with modern technology and improved features. Majority of the reported animal-vehicle collisions are said to happen with low light. This vision system is built with 8.2” IPS display screen. This feature made it easy for the vision system to offer better visual effects. The visual effect provided by the vast night vision system is friendly with the eyes. This made it easy for drivers to make a fair judgment about the condition of the road as quickly as possible. With its 36o HD wide-angle vision, offers a broader road view. This is what made it good for every driver, mostly the night road users.

The functionalities and exceptional performance of this night vision system do not just happen. They are as a result of innovative features associated with the system. So, it is necessary that you find out about those features before deciding on involving your money in the purchase. Some of these features you need to know about the Lanmodo Vast night vision device include:

  • Good for various drivers and can be used in unfriendly situations
  • The system is applicable in all various models and brands
  • 1080P with HD display and full-color
  • Offer 36 degrees wide-angle vision
  • Up to 300m night vision distance extends
  • Active infrared
  • High dielectric strength, long service life, and stable current.

How it Helps to Prevent the Animal-Vehicle Collision

With the special features of a Lanmodo Vast night vision system, one may want to know how these features help to prevent the animal-vehicle collision. If you are also thinking about this, you are going to get clarification here. The features such as full-color image, 1080P display, 300m night vision distance are among the key ones for this system.

The 1080P display and full-color image on the 8.2” IPS screen provide better visual effects that are friendly to the eyes. This is good in helping drivers judge the condition of a road as quickly as possible to avoid collision with animals.

The 36° high definition wide-angle vision of this Lanmodo Vast night vision system present drivers with broader road view. Also, the night vision extends up to 300m view distance, giving drivers an opportunity to study the road situation before taking measures to avoid colliding with animals. Also, the long night view distance is useful in making drivers know the condition of the road in advance.

The Price VS the Benefit

Pricing is one thing you should never forget when you want to invest in any item, including the lanmodo Vast night vision system. The cost of this night vision system is not in any way in comparison with the cost of repairing your car, treating your wound and bearing pains resulted from the animal-vehicle collision. With the cost of this Lanmodo Vast night vision system $499, you will discover you are saving more money taking precautions to avoid animal-vehicle collision than risking the cost of colliding with an animal.

This amount will not even be enough to repair your damaged car after colliding with animal let alone paying for the medical bill when you or any of your passengers get injured. So, when you weigh both sides, you will discover that it is far better to prevent the animal-vehicle collision using Lanmodo Vast night vision system than spending money on medical treatment and paying for the cost of car repairs.


The Lanmodo Vast night vision system has been rated as the best night driving safety assistance in 2019 by the users. It is not like those built-in night vision system that costs about $2500. Rather this comes at an affordable rate of about $499. That means, it is affordable to even an ordinary family with an average monthly income. The Lanmodo Vast night vision system affordable price is notwithstanding the fact that it has more features than the in-built night vision systems. It has full colors, active infrared, and comes with easy installation by the buyer as oppose the in-built night vision.

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