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Prince Harry’s body language during a video call shows that Meghan Markle is the “center of his world”, the expert says

Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex’s newest video chat about racial injustices, got the couple tackling some important and serious issues. The look also allowed an expert to analyze his body language – and it was very revealing.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are attending the Commonwealth Day Service 2020
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Chris Jackson / Getty Images

Harry and Meghan participated in the discussion

Prince Harry and Meghan joined leaders of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust to talk about racial injustices during a 20-minute conversation. Harry is the president of the organization and Meghan is the vice president.

“We cannot deny or ignore the fact that we were all brought up to see the world differently,” Prince Harry said during the call. “However, once you realize that these prejudices exist, you have to acknowledge them and do the job to become more conscious… so that you can stand up for something that is so wrong and shouldn’t be acceptable in today’s society. “

“It’s not just in the big moments, it’s in the quiet moments when racism and unconscious prejudice lie and thrive,” said Meghan. “It makes it confusing for many people to understand the role they are playing – both passively and actively.”

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Her body language spoke volumes

Since the Sussex people no longer perform regularly after their resignation from royal life, this video chat offered the opportunity to view their body language as a window into their way of working. Body language expert Blanca Cobb shared her thoughts on the couple with Daily Mail, noting that things between the two are “solid”.

“Harry and Meghan are a solid couple,” Cobb said. “Your physical positions in the video are significant because they give an impression of the dynamics in your relationship. Meghan is in the center, Harry on her right, which shows Meghan as the center of his world. “

Cobb further said that her position indicates Harry’s support from Meghan and that occasionally touching the shoulders shows a physical and emotional connection.

“Sitting slightly behind her with her right shoulder in front of his left shows symbolically that he has it. That he supports her. That she can rely on him, ”said Cobb.

She added that touching the shoulders emphasizes both a physical and an emotional connection. Couples touch when they feel emotionally close to each other. “

Cobb also discovered the “appreciation and respect” that they show each other when the other person speaks.

Even Megan’s hairstyle reveals something about the couple. “Meghan’s hair is pushed to her left side and her neck exposed to her husband. A woman shows this vulnerability to a man she loves and trusts. “

Harry felt “a little uncomfortable”

Although Cobb’s analysis showed that the couple had a solid connection and respect for one another, she noticed that Prince Harry wasn’t feeling well during the video chat.

“I think that parts of the video make Harry look a little uncomfortable because of the subject,” Cobb remarked, pointing to the way Harry “tensed his lips”, indicating his dislike and annoyance at people who take no action. “

Although the conversation is not very pleasant, Cobb points out that Harry is “calmly confident”.

“With his head raised, strong voice and hand movements, Harry shows calm confidence and authority when he talks about acknowledging the past, correcting the injustice, people who feel uncomfortable, hope and optimism,” said Cobb.

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