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Priyanka Chopra believes that she is a terrible woman for Nick Jonas

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are very much in their newlyweds after their numerous weddings and celebrations, but she already thinks she is a "terrible woman" for the Jonas Brothers singer Priyanka Chopra Jonas about the prospect.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas | Paula Lobo / ABC via Getty Images

When did Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas get married?

Chopra and Jonas joined in December They first got together their traditions, families and friends.

They were married in India on December 1 2018 in both a Christian and a Hindu ceremony, Chopra told GMA that at the end of the whole Festivals "I was just so married before the last one".

Why Chopra considers her a "horrible wife"

During a performance on The View this week, Chopra shared the one thing in which she is not great, and why she thinks she's abandoning her new husband.

She explained, "I can not cook, and I told him when he suggested I was like & # 39; Listen, you're from a good home i South, you're used to making your mom eat you great food. You do not marry this girl. I can not cook. I can also do sporadic eggs, maybe at night. "

At least she knows how to make eggs!

Chopra and Jonas have a lack of culinary skills

It turns out that Jonas is short on the cooking section
And as Chopra further explained, "I am a terrible, terrible woman
Sense, but the most amazing thing, when I told him, "Babe, I can not cook and
I hope you know that, "he said." It's okay, I can not baby either.

She added, "But you do not hear that from guys! you are
Usually like "It's OK, baby." And he said, "I can not either!"

Jonas recently presented his bride with an expensive gift

Celebrating the song "Sucker" by the Jonas Brothers At # 1

on the Billboard Hot 100, Jonas had a surprise for Chopra: a black Mercedes-Maybach. She showed her new ride on Instagram and said, "When the man becomes number one … the woman gets a @maybach! Introducing … Extra Chopra Jonas … haha ​​… I love you Baby ! Yaaay! Best husband of all time … @nickjonas.

Chopra sat down with the Jonas brothers 'Sucker Video

Of course, the Jonas Brothers' ladies all had a role in the music video "Sucker" when Chopra appeared with Kevin's wife Danielle and Joe's fiancée, actress Sophie Turner.

Chopra shared how the women's involvement came about and reported The View as host: "It was actually just a conversation at the table where video girls were being talked about and who should be in the video and in all, and the boys looked around the table and looked at us, and we looked at each other and said: "Oh, yes, that makes sense. Of course, I mean, look at who we're married to! "

The experience was certainly memorable when the video was filmed in a London castle and Chopra stated," It was about $ 200 million in art and we're like stupid. It was just fantastic and, above all, to do it with your family, it was really great. "

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