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Priyanka Chopra defends Meghan Markle, saying the Duchess has not changed

New mother Meghan Markle has experienced an extremely negative press since she started her relationship with Prince Harry. Over the years, things have gotten worse and the palace has even spoken out against some of the more extreme social media commentary.

Nevertheless, Meghan's friends, including well-known actress Priyanka Chopra, have firmly defended her. In a recent interview, Priyanka reported on her friendship with Meghan and how the media unfairly portrayed the Duchess of Sussex.

Since when do you know Priyanka Chopra and Meghan Markle?

  Priyanka Chopra
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Although it looks like Priyanka and Meghan have known each other for ages, their friendship does not return to 2016 until they met at an industry event. According to Priyanka, they immediately joined in their common interest in action. Meghan also talked about the former Miss World and said that Priyanka is really "incredible".

In the years since they quickly became friends, Priyanka and Meghan have set themselves the goal of spending time whenever they can. Although their diaries mean that they can not hang out as often as they want. They've shared a few snapshots of their social media bonding sessions, from fancy dinner parties to movie releases, and it sure looks like they're getting along perfectly.

When Meghan's relationship with Harry became public for the first time, Priyanka was often asked about her friend and always stood up for her to praise her abilities and her work ethic. When Meghan married Harry in 2018, Priyanka was a guest at the wedding and delighted viewers in their great outfit.

What did Priyanka Chopra say about defending Meghan Markle?

Although much happened to Priyanka in the past year, married to Nick Jonas and Meghan, who welcome Baby Archie Harrison, the friends obviously still have the highest respect for each other. According to reports, Priyanka and Nick were among the first visitors to Meghan and Harry's home to pay their respects to the new parents.

On June 2, Priyanka sat down with Harper's Bazaar to discuss her friendship with the Duchess and explain why she always asked for her. Priyanka claimed that Meghan had managed to remain true to herself in all the vicious tabloid stories Priyanka says are pure racism. Priyanka explained that she knew Meghan well before her engagement with Harry and was still "the same girl."

The actress praised Meghan's commitment to social issues, saying she was always determined to change the world and "move the needle" to make the world a better place. Priyanka also lamented the way the press treated her, but praises Meghan's hard skin: if anyone can handle the pressure, it's Meghan.

Priyanka Chopra wants to interfere in politics.

Priyanka has earned a reputation for social activism, another trait that she and Meghan share. Recently, she said that although she dislikes business with politics, she is not averse to running for the Indian Prime Minister if that would change the world positively – she also said, perhaps jokingly, that her new husband should be Nick consider running for the president.

Whether or not Priyanka throws her hat in the ring, one thing is for sure: She will continue to defend her good friend Meghan against all rumors, speculation and negativity that is likely to continue in the years to come.

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