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Pro Trump group is looking for "hidden" followers

The Largest External Group That President Trump Donald John TrumpGOP senators shy away from lengthy impeachment process Some of the "hidden" advocates have been identified who could influence the balance of the 2020 elections in favor of the Republicans.

The pollsters hired by America First Policies (AFP) have interviewed hundreds of self-described independent voters over the past two months at focus groups conducted in major cities in nine battlefield states.

A source close to the group shared videos of interviews with The Hill, in which Trump voters from 201

6 revealed that they would not discuss their support for the president with pollsters or acquaintances because they were afraid of beat back the media and their friends or family.

Trump's allies say they were mocked in 2016 when they were ashamed Presidential support in the polls was underestimated because a large contingent of silent Trump supporters was ashamed or fearful of revealing their political leanings towards respondents.

The officials believe that the same voters need only a gentle nudge of like-minded friends and acquaintances reach the campaign to work for Trump again by 2020.

"The last cycle of the campaign has been ridiculed, but it is still happening," the official said.

"It should not be like that, but it is so, and especially in women it's like we want to get along with our neighbor, our kids go to the same school and we will not talk about politics, especially in this age in which it arises and is explosive. There's a reluctance to get involved, but you know we're going to the ballot box and vote for the guy, but we're not going to pick up the phone and do a poll.

The national polls in 2016 were pretty accurate and showed that Hillary Clinton Hillary Diane Rodham's Clinton2020 Democrats are fighting for veteran votes. NYT MORE with a narrow edge. She outscored Trump by about 2 points in the nationwide referendum.

But the battlefield survey was mixed and few analysts believed Trump had made a realistic path to the White House.

In the end, Trump actually ran away from the board in the controversial swing states. With support from white working-class voters, largely under the influence of campaigners and the political press, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania became blue for the first time in decades.

Trump organizers believe this is possible Be a repeat of this outcome in 2020, when voters who do not fit in traditional turnout models or have a large platform quietly go to the polls on election day to vote ballots for Trump leave.

In an AFP panel of Bei 12 Women in Arizona, one woman said she voted for Trump, but would never stick the President's car sticker on her car, "because I'm not stupid."

"I want not that my car gets scratched so crazy, "the woman said. "I do not want to advertise because people are targeting me, but I will not deny it when people ask me."

A second Arizona woman, calling herself a far-right independent, said the raging opposition was a problem for former President Obama, but the hysteria has "disappeared from the charts with Trump."

"The volume is so high at the moment that it's scary, and you have to be very cautious about who you reveal your political views to "That's not how it should be."

AFP conducted a total of 36 focus groups, each with about a dozen people, in Des Moines, Iowa: Orlando, Fla .; Charlotte, NC; Phoenix; Miami; Columbus , Ohio; Detroit; and Pittsburgh.

The panels are led by Republican pollsters Adam Geller of National Research Inc. and Wes Anderson of OnMessage.

The focus groups have some issues kte revealed to the president.

Many voters are turned off by Trump's rhetoric, attribution, bullying, and tweets.

There is growing concern that Trump's personality may be an anchor for his re-election campaign, especially among suburban women who are increasingly inclined to support Democrats.

This phenomenon has created new battlefields in states like Georgia, where Atlanta's booming suburbs threaten to color a traditionally red state.

"We do not want Georgia to be our Michigan," said the source near AFP. "We have to finish it."

Despite this, pro-Trump activists claim they are gaining substantially, and insist that the panels reveal that Democrats are signing their own death sentences by staggering left in terms of immigration and energy policies and giving health care to Rust Belt "Medicare for all," the Green New Deal, college debt cancellation, and cautious immigration policies are unpopular.

And the Trump campaign and outside groups have taken an early leap in the direction of identifying new potential voters. including a cohort that they said did not vote in favor of any party in 2016.

The AFP official said they were surprised by the number of Democrats and unregistered voters who participated in Trump rallies. The campaign has focused on collecting emails and phone numbers for those people, and will continue to process them from now until election day.

To counteract the democratic advantage in the suburbs, the official Pro Trump organizers want to grow their support through more voters in rural areas.

"Can we get more from the rural voice to fight the blue of the suburbs? Yes, there are many more, "said the official. "We go to the marshes in Florida to get these people out, it's harder to go into a home in Orlando, but there are more voices there."

The official also said that she was with Hispanic voters, the Trump not publicly supporting but culturally conservative and surprisingly supportive, Trump's immigration plans have progressed.

The official said that focus groups have revealed that many Hispanics have friends or family members who have undergone a legal immigration process and feel that the Democrats will give a free pass to those seeking a short cut. "

" A Spanish committee member in Arizona asked if he knew any of the hidden Trump voters, and he started laughing and pointing to the table. " "He said we are all Spanish men in our 30s, and based on what I hear, I think, d as we are the hidden Trump voters. "

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