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Professor holds the student's baby so he can concentrate on the lesson

But it's a viral moment that speaks to so many things: lack of childcare. The pursuit of training. And compassion from others.

With imminent split times, Wayne Hayer did not want to miss his algebra class at Morehouse College in Atlanta on Friday and found no childcare for his five-month-old daughter. It was an important class as they reviewed the content for the upcoming stopovers.

So he brought her along.

After Hayer explained his situation, Professor Nathan Alexander offered to hold the little Assata and teach the rest of the class with the baby on the chest.

The students of the class began to publish pictures in social media on which the professor with the professor stood little girl. And a viral moment was born.

"My professor NATHAN ALEXANDER said:" I will hold on to you so that you can take good notes! One student said on Twitter. His contribution has been tweeted more than 70,000 times.

"This encounter really showed me what HBCU's possibilities and implications for the black community can have for this professor to understand that life Another student posted on Facebook and used an acronym for historically black colleges and universities like Morehouse.
The photos even reached the president of Morehouse College David Thomas tweeting . " This is about #love and #commitment. Our students love and are determined to remove any barrier to their quest for excellence. "

Professor: The girl" really behaved "

It was the perfect storm of events that day for Hayer, 26. His wife Firda had errands to run, he had to attend his class and they could not find a babysitter in time.

So Hayer threw off his backpack, sling Assata into her carrier, and the two set out for college

"I was nervous to go to class," said Hayer, a senior kinesiologist, to CNN. "Morehouse is a pure men's college, and if I saw myself with a baby strapped to me all eyes would be on me."

Hayer's first lesson was canceled He and his daughter walked around in the student lounge while he was doing his coursework, his next lesson being when the viral moment happened.

  Photo of a professor teaching a student boy in the H and held while teaching? It's not the first time he's done that

Alexander told CNN that "part of my role and my goal as an educator is to offer opportunities to students, and we are working to build a community in the classroom." 19659002] Although Alexander is the one in the picture, he said the episode really shows the hard work that Hayer does every day.

"He works two jobs, is a full-time student, is involved in leadership programs at school and is a parent," said the professor. "This photo reminds us of what parents are dealing with everyday and how important it is to have affordable child care."

Baby Assata was also the perfect student and did not distract from class.

"She really behaved and even fell asleep in the end," Alexander said. "We had a bottle ready when needed, and we enjoyed having their energy in the classroom."

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