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Professor says the office of the GOP Justice Department had approached him because of "pleasing" the vandalism campaign

An Associate Professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln said he received a threatening call from the Representative Office. Jeff Fortenberry Jeffrey (Jeff) Lane FortenberryIn the wake of ISIS: I'd like to restore the right and well-appointed for the Yazidis Fortenberry to chair the Legislative Subcommittee in The Hill's Morning Report ̵

1; sponsored by PhRMA – Tension for House Republican MORE (R-Neb.) After he had "liked" a Facebook post that was one of Congressman's campaign signs were changed by his critics.

Ari Kohen, an associate professor of political science, says the chief of staff of the congressman, dr. William Archer III, had called his office and sent an e-mail to the chairman of the Faculty of Political Science ignoring Kohen's suspicion of vandalism, according to the Lincoln Journal Star.

The post in question apparently bore the name Fortenberry, which was partially taped to appear as a joking joke with flatulence.

Kohen told the Journal Star that he initially thought the post was just a Photoshopping picture when he pressed the "Like" button on his phone.

"I know, this is not a high comedy," he told the newspaper. "It was Sunday, I was bored and laughed, I clicked because I find it amusing."

Fortenberry's chief of staff threatened to spread the word publicly that Kohen endorsed the "vandalism" and gave the impression that Kohen's career was in danger Archer also sent an e-mail to Kohen's supervisor in the Department of Political Science and the UNL

"The question is, what the position of the department and the university regarding vandalism or worse violence that we have seen this political season, "said Archer wrote in an e-mail received by the newspaper.

" It was not at all clear what he was talking about I wanted to know if he wanted me to differentiate or withdraw from that, "Kohen told the Fortenberry journalist." He told me that they could publicly state that I liked vandalism, and essentially that would be bad for me. "

Kohen says he took the call as a threat and informed the house's Ethics Committee about the incident.

"Having people in this position who are willing and willing to abuse their authority in this way, bullying and hounding people and threatening to demand retribution for something that may hurt someone's feelings," Kohen told the Journal Star. "We're all poorer when it's like this country."

A request from The Hill directed to Archer was not returned immediately on Thursday night. Fortenberry's district is ranked as a safe Republican ahead of next week's election poll by the FiveThirtyEight election analysis blog, with a Fortenberry district poll showing a double-digit lead over its Democratic challenger.

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