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Proof that Prince Harry is more like his mother than Prince William

For weeks, people are constantly talking about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's upcoming trip to Africa. At the beginning, fans speculated that the trip would actually take place, and then talked about whether they would bring Baby Archie or not.

Now that we have received the confirmation that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are in As they are going to Africa and intend to bring along their new son, all are very interested in the work they will do while they are there.

According to Town and Country Magazine, the royal couple is planning to visit Malawi, Botswana and Angolo this fall and reportedly spend up to six months on the tour.

Considering that one of the most important things they will do on their journey is taking over the humanitarian work of Harry's mother, Princess Diana. In that case, we must ask ourselves if this is the proof that Prince Harry is more like his deceased mother than his older brother, Prince William. Let's see.

Botswana is special for the royal couple

  Prince Harry
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex | Chris Jackson – WPA-Pool / Getty Images

We can only imagine how much Meghan and Harry are looking forward to spending time in Botswana, as this is a place that is really close to their hearts.

It was early in their relationship that they spent time there, and according to Harry, they "camped together under the stars" and "spent time getting to know each other."

That's out of the question This was an experience which none of them will ever forget, and a visit to Botswana will certainly be something special for them.

What will Meghan and Harry do in Africa?

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The question many royal fans ask is what exactly Meghan and Harry ask do it while they are in Africa? Well, it turns out they'll do the same work as Princess Diana.

When visiting Malawi, Duke and Duchess Sentebale, a charity founded by Harry together with Prince Seeiso of Lesotho. The organization supports infants affected by HIV and AIDS who were formed more than a decade ago in 2006.

Is that all you have planned?

Certainly not! When the couple comes to Angola, it will commemorate Diana in a very special way, continuing her work with the HALO Trust. Here in Angola, Meghan and Harry will be working to remove land mines, just as the late princess did just before her death.

Diana, known for her extensive humanitarian work, emphasized the importance of safely removing existing landmines as she navigated through an active minefield in 1997. However, Harry will attend a demining conference before starting work.

According to the British daily The Sun, the palace said: "The presence of landmines and remnants of the civil war is making large parts of the country unsafe." This work was very important to Diana and now Harry and Meghan will continue their legacy.

Does this prove that Harry is more like Princess Diana than William?

The upcoming trip to Africa proves that Harry Diana is a bit more like his brother. Like his mother, Harry has a passion for humanitarian work and he makes it one of his main priorities when performing royal duties.

People can report that a source close to the royal family says that Harry "has so much Diana in him" and this is just one of the many ways in which the younger prince honors his beloved mother.

According to the source, Harry is likely to "follow in their footsteps" and judge from the amazing work he does.

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