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Prosecutor Kim Foxx in Chicago is open to investigation in the case of Jussie Smollett

After intense public backlash, Cook County State attorney Kim Foxx said Friday night that she was open to investigate the dramatic decision of her office, all charges against "Empire" actor Jussie Smollett dismiss.

A statement for the Chicago Tribunal, Foxox, that it would consider reviewing the high-profile case for maintaining transparency

The surprising decision to drop the indictment on Tuesday, followed by Smollett's claim of innocence and relief coupled with an immediate charge by Chicago's mayor and police that it was a "blame for justice" acted, put pressure on the prosecutor of the state to defend their actions.

"I'm not perfect, no other prosecutors out there making sure that I and my office have the trust of our community is paramount," wrote Foxx, who acted on a platform of transparency.


Smollett is accused of orchestrating an anti-gay, racist attack on himself in January in order to advance his career He has denied the allegations from the start, saying that two men approached him, beat him, bleached him and tied a rope around his neck before shouting "This is MAGA country," referring to President Trump's motto "Make America" ​​Great Again. "

To clarify the hate crime, the city removed 24 detectives from their regular cases and spent up to 1

,000 hours to divorce them Find out the truth.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants Smollett to reimburse the city $ 130,106.15 to cover the cost of overtime spent on the investigation.

"In deciding whether to file charges or not, prosecutors must weigh the seriousness of the crime against the likelihood of being convicted," Foxx wrote. "For various reasons … my office believed that the likelihood of a conviction was uncertain."

Foxx said Smollett's "allegedly unstable acts would probably have done him more harm than any court-ordered penance could do." But she added that prisons should be provided for those who commit violent offenses.

Your defense will not affect many people.

CHICAGO STATE INSTRUMENT KIM FOXX, BY NATIONAL POPULATION GROUPS TO CHARGES DROPPPED Foxx could have turned away from this mistake because of her own mistakes – emails and texting with people who were at the beginning of the investigation near Smollett – made her withdraw from the case and leave him to the subordinates, wrote Eric Zorn, Chicago Tribune columnist. "But she got possession on Wednesday and gave interviews in which she was proud and confident about how her office handled the case."

Her job next year, as her office dealt with the Jussie Smollett case.


Foxx's actions have prompted both the US Attorney's Bar Association and the Attorney's Bar of Illinois

President Trump was even involved in the controversy and said he had asked the state police to deal with Smollett's case

and I asked them to look at it, "Trump said.

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