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Prosecutors gather evidence for Roger Stone

Müller wants to issue a protection order that blocks the confidentiality of the evidence against Stone, as prosecutors begin to share the documents with his legal department.

The lawyers of Stone have agreed to this type of order of the judge. The judge is not yet signed.

Jobs like these are fairly typical in high profile cases and are designed to prevent the document from escaping.

Evidence that the Department of Justice has extracted against Stone to prosecute him The following information is available to the congress and the manipulations of witnesses: "Several multi-terabyte hard drives of information, including FBI case reports, search warrants and results ( for example, Apple iCloud accounts and e-mail accounts), banking and financial records, and the contents of many physical devices (such as cell phones, computers, and hard disk drives). "

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The prosecution says the FBI seized electronic devices from Stone's home, home, and office in the Thursday filing.

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