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Protesters follow Brett Kavanaugh with a video of Christine Blasey Ford outside the DC event

Protesters persecuted Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh on Thursday evening before an event in Washington and greeted him with shouts from "Impeach Kavanaugh" and a large-scale reiteration of Prosecutor Christine Blasey Ford's statement.

annual Federalist Society The gala in which Kavanaugh acted as spokesman continued a series of public harassment against conservatives in recent years.

The screen shot of Ford's testimony, in which she accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault when she was a teenager, was rolled on a truck by the time the Liberal activist group Demand Justice staged the Washington Post.

Kavanaugh denies sexual misconduct Fox News dismissed the allegations and was confirmed by the Senate in October 201

8 by a narrow margin before the Supreme Court shortly after Ford had testified to Congress.

"Brett Kavanaugh apparently believes that one year is enough time for the public to forget his deception over a confirmation process," said Brian Fallon, Demand Justice's CEO, according to USA Today. "The more public presence he claims, the more damage he inflicts on the legitimacy of the court."

Kavanaugh was to speak for the first time on Thursday in front of a large group since he was confirmed, the Post reported. 19659003] Once inside, Kavanaugh spoke to more than 2,000 participants.

"I signed up for an ugly trial – maybe not so ugly – but my friends did not," he said. "And yet they got up in the middle of the action and stood by me."

Kavanaugh added that he was "optimistic about the future of America and our independent judiciary."

Leonard Leo, Executive Vice President of the Federal White House White House Adviser on the Appointment of Judicial Officers said he believed Kavanaugh had given the audience a lesson on perseverance in the face of adversity.

CLICK HERE TO OBTAIN THE FOX NEWS APP [19659003] "In today's culture, when you're committed to certain principles, you're under attack, and you have to have the courage to persevere," he said aloud USA Today.

Other Conservatives to Target The recent protesters have included Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, and former Homeland Security Minister Kirstjen Nielsen.

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