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PS5 and Xbox Scarlett games are not edited by a majority of studios

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<p>  Most Reports and pundit speculation claim that the PS5 and next Xbox will appear in 2020, with a small minority claiming 2021. In any case, the next-gen wave is approaching, especially if the earlier timeframe is accurate. </p>
<p>  Surprising said, most developers still do not work on next-gen games, and according to a new report, even fewer exclusive next-gen games are being developed. </p>
<p>  The all-new new report comes from GDC, which is very important for a reliable source for this kind of information, pointing out that 1<div class=
6 percent of all game developers are currently working on next-gen games, and only 2 percent are working on next-gen exclusives. If not, Sony and Microsoft are first-time Create games.

Well, e It pays to pay attention to the samp The size of this research was only 4,000 studios, which is not every studio under the sun, but hey, it's pretty thorough and probably includes all the notable actors.

Interestingly, 37 percent of surveyed developers say they can not. I do not know on which systems her next game is going. This could mean that 16 percent is more than 40 or 50 percent in one year.

However, most of the developers are still working on current gen titles, with more than 46 percent claiming the game games they're working on are exclusive to this generation.

Of course, this should all be taken with a grain of salt. That's not to say that the source is not reliable or the voting is invalid or bad, but the latter is incomplete and does not paint the whole picture of the industry. However, it provides a very good insight into the industry and the current status of next-gen. Nevertheless, things are constantly changing in game development, and if anything, these numbers can and will shift somewhat throughout the year.

However, feel free to leave a comment that lets us know what you think or hit me on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_ to talk about Next-Gen and share predictions. Personally, I can not wait until the next generation. New consoles are the most exciting times in our industry. Secretly, however, I hope that they will not come before 2021 for the sake of my wallet.

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