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PS5 Full Reveal Date leaked

According to the rumor mill, Sony Interactive Entertainment will fully unveil the PS5 in early 2020. In particular, there is a new dubious rumor stating that Sony will be showing the PlayStation 5 to the world sometime in February 2020, which sounds plausible, but of course this should be taken with a big grain of salt like rumors or unofficial leaks. Nevertheless, the rumor mill occasionally produces some truth, and sometimes it is the most dubious leaks that prove to be legitimate a tidbit of a much larger source of information, to which Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us Part II . According to the rumor, the event will feature both first-party games and some third-party games running on the system on February 1

2th – a Wednesday. Again, pinch the salt, but even if this is not a real leak with actual inside information, it's probably not that far from the target. Sony hosted a special PlayStation meeting in February 2013 to introduce the PS4, and the show was well received. Why would not you just replicate the same formula?

Of course Sony could unveil the PS4 and play all this jazz at the E3 2020, but who knows whether Sony will be at the show? Besides, I do not think that's the case. Too risky, especially given that E3 is damned leaky these days. So there's a good chance that we'll have a PlayStation meeting just before E3 2020. The question is when? My guess would be February or March 2020, but that's just my guess.

As you know, Sony has announced the next generation PlayStation console, but it has not revealed or said much about it. In fact, it has not even confirmed that it's called PlayStation 5, but of course it's called PS5.

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