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PS5 Release Date – Is It 3 Years Away? – CPU, Game, Spec and Price Speculation – The Final PS5 Guide

If you're wondering when the PS5 will be released or how powerful it will be when it finally arrives, this is the article for you. In this complete PS5 guide, we will summarize all the (questionable) PS5 rumors that have made their way into the wild, and praise our own speculations about the future of Sony's home console. If you are after all the PS5 information out there and the rumor talk, this is the PS5 Guide for you.

Continue reading for our thoughts on the rough outline of the potential power of the PS5 and an in-depth estimate of the PS5 release date. We also look at when we hear something from Sony about the PS5 (is E3 2018 too early? Sony seems to believe that!) And consider the possibility of a PS5 Pro. If you are looking for all the information on PlayStation 5, this is the article for you.

What is a realistic PS5 release date? ̵
1; Will PlayStation 5 release in 2019 or 2020?

Assuming the Sony PlayStation 5 is under development to some extent, when could the console theoretically release? If we dismiss the claims of industry analyst Michael Pächter, the release date of the PS5 could be as early as 2020 (Pächter originally claimed 2019, but then revised the date).

All of this is obviously theoretical, but it's always interesting Listen to what longtime industry analysts and experts say about the future of blockbuster home consoles like the PlayStation 5. We expect 2019 to be a bit too early for Sony due to the strong position it currently holds in the market with the release of the next PlayStation in 2020 making much more sense. If Sony 2019 is still high, we may have to wait until 2021. We have to wait.

We've recently talked to a number of game industry experts to hear their views on the PS5, and Xbox Two will move the game forward. No one spills beans yet, but there are still some interesting thoughts.

Will Sony be in a hurry with the PS4 at the moment to release the PS5?

If we were like this Place a bet on the release date of the PS5, we would go with Q4 2020. Sony has released all its consoles in the last quarter of the year, locking up the original PlayStation in North America and Europe, where it arrived in September 1995, following a launch in December 1994 in Japan. Sony would release the PS5 outside this Q4 window would be a big surprise. A November 2020 release date for the PS5 would be very useful to launch the new console alongside a wave of high-profile releases that usually arrive at the same time. So, to answer a few questions:

  • Is 2018 the release date of the PS5? No, unless Sony retains the biggest secret of all time. It is not impossible, but highly unlikely, that the PS5 2018 will be released.
  • Is 2019 the release date of the PS5? Possibly. Talk says that Sony would be ready to launch the PS5 in 2019, but it depends on the status of the PS4 and how much of the market Nintendo and Microsoft are winning.
  • Is 2020 the release date of the PS5? This is the place where the smart money goes. Sony might surprise everyone and release the PS5 earlier, but by 2020, given the strong position the PS4 is in, it seems to be the right time.

A recent report from Semiacurate suggests that Sony may release the PS5 in late 2018 – this year! While this seems a little unbelievable given the strength of the PS4 at the moment and all the other industry experts believe the PS5 would not be earlier than 2018, it's certainly a tantalizing prospect. It's fair to say that if Sony does not mention the PS5 arriving this year during their E3 2018 show, the PS5 2018 will not be released.

Since Sony has officially stated that it will not reveal any new hardware E3 2018, we are pretty confident that the PS5 will not be shown in any form at E3 this year. While disappointing from an excitement perspective, this is not unexpected, as a revelation this year always feels too early.

Industry analyst Michael Pächter has reported that a PS5 publication in 2018 has a "very low probability". He added that the PS5 release was "25% [probability] next year and 75% in 2020". This is more or less what most insiders believe, though part of it is becoming more and more likely.

Among the voices that say in 2018 is highly unlikely that the PS5 is Kotaku who published a news report that contained numerous sources in 2018 poured cold water over speculation. In addition, the sources did not believe that 2019 would likely be a more reasonable expectation based on what they knew about the PS5.

sister publication, Digital Foundry, put together an interesting video that could deal with Sony release the PS5 and deliver the kind of performance upgrade over the PS4 that people expect. It is safe to say that they do not believe that the PS5 will come soon. You can get the full analysis in the video below:

News suggesting sales of the PS4 are slow indicates that Sony may want to introduce something faster than we would to introduce the PS5. A lower price point and aggressive bundles (along with high-profile releases in Q4 2018 such as Red Dead Redemption 2) are likely to boost sales for the PS4, indicating that there is still enough left over in the old dog. [196592002] A semi-known video game tipster tweet Marcus Sellars has suggested that PS5 dev kits went to third-devs at the beginning of 2018. While we could not confirm this rumor, it suggests that Sony's in-house development teams already had PS5 development kits. If that's true, the likelihood of releasing the PS5 2019 is much more likely.

The GDC 2018 came and went in March 2018, and when Sony launched the PS5 2019, we expected some noise and chatter. There was no one who suggests we will not get the PS5 2019. It's possible that Sony is just holding on to all PS5, but we would have expected to see some credible leaks now when PS5 was released in 2019.

If we go to the PS5 with a launch in 2020, the revelation will probably not be earlier than E3 2019. Sony could copy Microsoft's Xbox One X / Scorpio unveiling and annoy the PS5 on E3 2019, before the big unveiling at a standalone event in the early months of 2020. The PS4 was unveiled during a special event in February 2013, and a similar one Approach to announcing the PS5 would make sense. As long as Sony retains no big secret, we very much doubt that the PS5 will be announced at the E3 2018.

Is PS5 three years away?

Thanks to some comments allegedly made by HER boss John Kodera, it seems like The PS5 is a further three years away from the release. But is that really the case?

In three years we would be in 2021, with the PS4 just before his 8th birthday. This is very old and longer than the life predicted by many people. Either Kodera talked about a transition from the PS4 to the PS5, the PS5 will be released sometime in the next three years, or we really have a very long time to wait.

PS5 Games – Which games could? PlayStation 5 Launch With?

Regarding which games the theoretical PS5 could start, we have to look far into the future. If you think about games that are at least a year away from the release, I immediately think of both Todesstranding and The Last of Us: Part 2.

Granted, both games are currently being produced for the current PlayStation 4, there's still a chance they'll be able to launch Sony's next flagship console. The Last of Us originally appeared on the PlayStation 3, just months before the PlayStation 4 was launched, and was ported to the latter system a few months after launch. The same could definitely happen with The Last of Us: Part 2, especially if Naughty Dog is not developed by Sony.

Could Death Stranding come to PS5? It is possible.

As far as death beaching is concerned, it's pretty obvious that Kojima Productions can take as much time as it needs with the upcoming game as we have not seen any gameplay. In addition, Kojima frequently publishes updates to Twitter about his progress on the deathblock script, and if it's still in the writing phase, it's far from over. Just like "The Last of Us: Part 2," there's no reason why "Todesstranding" could not appear on PlayStation 5 after launching PS4.

The Last of Us 2 might well appear on the PS5. Mirroring the release of the original game.

But what other game developers might be featured near the launch of PlayStation 5? Considering the average three-year development cycle of current games, a continuation of Horizon Zero Dawn is not only a given date, but could also appear until around 2020, taking into account the original game from the beginning of 2017.

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 would undoubtedly be a treat for the PS5.

A recently unveiled game that could realistically be considered a PlayStation 5 game could be Sucker Punch's Ghost of Tsushima, unveiled at PSX in December 2017, a short CG trailer for the game, and it's not entirely unrealistic expect it to be at least 18 months away from publication.

Of the more obvious candidates, assuming a release date in November 2020, almost certainly will be FIFA 21 (a number so scary and in the future that it's hard to look at without shaking), a new call of Duty (Sledgehammer's next game, perhaps in World War II after the success of CoD WW2), a new DICE shooter (probably a battlefront), an L EGO game, and some new franchise entries that had recently released new releases in 2017 : Destiny, Middle-earth: Shadow of and Assassin & # 39; s Creed.

A new game in the Gran Turismo series would also be a great starting game for the PS5. While the GT series often took a long time to develop and suffer delays, the director of the series, Kazunori Yamauchi, said he is already thinking about the game after GT Sport. What this game is, remains to be seen, but there is a possibility that we will see Gran Turismo 7 on the PS5.

With Square says the Final Fantasy VII remake on PlayStation will arrive in several parts, it would not. It's not surprising that the game is spreading across the PS5 with improvements over the PS4 game. Whether players will have to buy the game again after buying it on PS4 remains to be seen. PS4 Exclusive Days Gone has been postponed until 2019, which has caused some speculation about the game on the PS4 and PS5, but there is no evidence that this is happening.

What is a Realistic PS5 Price? – Will the PlayStation 5 be more expensive and more expensive than the PS4 on launch?

To get an in-depth estimate of what the PlayStation 5 system could cost realistically in an unavoidable release, you'll need to look at the previous console versions of Sony. The Playstation 4 debuted at $ 399 in 2014 for the first time, and while the PlayStation 4 Slim went on sale later in 2016 at a reduced price of $ 299, the more powerful PlayStation 4 Pro did Price like the original PS4, $ 399

How strong is the PS5?

With lessons learned from the introduction of the PS3 at $ 499 / $ 599 (20GB / 60GB SKUs), Sony is unlikely to ever be that expensive again. An educated guess would probably increase the cost of the PlayStation 5 by $ 399.

How powerful is the PS5? Will the PS5 be more powerful than Xbox One X? PS5 Spec

Everyone would be shocked if Sony did not outperform the Xbox One X, which currently offers 6 teraflops. While you think that this will drive the price beyond the $ 399 mentioned, we are talking about a machine that is probably 2-3 years from release. By the end of 2020, 8-10TF should be feasible for the price.

So what's a reasonable estimate for the PS5 specification? Realistically, the PlayStation 5 will also feature a more powerful CPU and more memory than standard, which is synonymous with higher possible frame rates for most games (Bungie called poor CPU in the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X for lack of 60FPS), and Better Quality Textures

Digital Foundry also released a report detailing a possible CPU for the PS5. Sony is reportedly working with AMD again, this time on a Ryzen CPU. This follows the use of Jaguar CPU in the PS4. This Jaguar CPU is often referred to as one of the weakest areas of the PS4 (and the Xbox One) because it holds games at 60 fps. Ryzen is a big step up and there is certainly enough noise to point out that it will probably be the CPU in the PS5 – albeit with some modifications requested by Sony.

Will Sony give the controller a big redesign for the PS5?

Apart from the power supply, it is virtually guaranteed that Sony will bring something new and interesting out with the PlayStation 5 controller. We have no idea that could be theoretical, Sony has a track record of iteration with every controller, examples of which are the controller speakers for the Dualshock 4 and the motion control in the PS3's Sixaxis.

Will Sony follow the switch route with the PS5?

There is also the not a small thing to consider the switch. Nintendo has had great success with its home console / handheld hybrid, and Sony is undoubtedly keeping an eye out. Will Sony try to get a piece of hybrid pie (it's already done a bit with PS4 Remote Play) or continue on the hardcore home-console route without deviating? The details that will come out in the coming months and years will be extremely interesting.

If we had to put money on what the PS5 would be, we would not choose a hybrid console / handheld, if that could not be delivered without sacrificing the power of the home unit. The success of Sony with the PS4 is partly due to the console, which provides the most console performance at the time.

Will the PS5 play PS4 and older games? Backward Compatibility

The PS4 uses an AMD Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) based on the x86-64 architecture. If Sony uses this architecture in the PS5 (which is likely), there is a good chance that the device will provide backward compatibility with the PS4. Playing PS3 and older games is a much bigger question. Sony seems to be trying to get people to use their PS Now service to access older games from their catalog, and we can not change that with the PS5.

Do not be fooled by fake PS5 announcement videos

It seems that some people are easily deceived, as the clearly fake PS5 announcement trailer proves. Many people in social networks have been tricked by the video, although it is old and well below the production levels you would expect from Sony. If Sony announces the PS5, you can be sure that the video is a hell of a lot easier than that. If a video looks fake, it's probably fake.

What we want From the PS5

speculation aside, what would we want the most from the PS5? Backward compatibility for PS4 games would be awesome simply because classics like the Shadow of the Colossus remake could be transferred to the next generation of consoles. We've seen how well Microsoft leverages backward compatibility with its Xbox One consoles (including amazing results when upgrading Xbox 360 games to 4K on Xbox One X), and something similar on PS5 would be great.

In terms of Pure Power, the PlayStation 5 has to outpace the power of the Xbox One X. This means that more games in 4K are running at 60 FPS. If the PS5 could deliver about 10 TF of power, we'd be happy to see developers developing games that are a generation ahead of what we have now.

But what would the dream start lineup for the PS5 be? Death Stranding and The Last of Us: Part 2 are highly anticipated blockbuster games, with the first one aiming to drive the performance of the system that drives it to extremes. We also mentioned Ghost of Tsushima and a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, and the latter would be the perfect way to start a new console cycle from Sony.

We also want a few games to be built off the ground for the new PS5, though. It's one thing to see PS4 games updated for PS5, but they'll never show what the system can really do. A new racing game would be great (Gran Turismo seems like it's possible, but probably unlikely), but give us some new IP to start the generation, Sony!

While we're on wishlists, the PS5 will certainly need a new PS VR headset to better utilize the new available power. VR titles on the PS5 should be able to unify current high-end PC VR games like Epic's Amazing Robo Recall.

In terms of media capabilities, we would be very surprised if the PS5 does not support 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray playback. In 2010, Ultra HD will be more common and not included in the PS5 will be a bad move not only in terms of supply for consumers, but also for space on game discs. Ultra HD Blu-rays offer more storage space than conventional Blu-ray discs. Microsoft already offers Ultra HD Blu-ray support with its Xbox One S and Xbox One X, and certainly Sony will not give its main rival this advantage again.

Will there be a PS5 Pro?

Sony introduced the PS4 Pro to offer consumers a console that would take advantage of the ever-growing number of 4K TVs in the market. While the console offers other benefits, Sony probably did not develop the PS4 Pro, 4K Gaming was not a big selling point. It could be argued that Sony will be releasing a PS5 Pro in the middle of the PS5's life, but it should come with an important reason for an upgrade. It is doubtful that the consoles will drive 8K gaming for quite a while, so there is no reason for the existence of the PS5 Pro. If 8K TVs become a sufficiently large market during the life of the PS5, there is a chance that a PS5 Pro with enhanced specifications could launch around 2022/2023, offering people 8K support, but it seems unlikely that 4K Still Easy

Why is the PlayStation 5 a big deal?

Sony has been one of the dominant roles in the console game since the release of the original PlayStation, turning the industry upside down. Prior to the release of the PlayStation (December 1994 in Japan), the console gaming market was owned by Nintendo and SEGA and, to a lesser extent, Atari. Sony has changed that and it's hard to imagine a world where the PlayStation is not one of the big gaming platforms.

Sony will hope that the PS5 is as popular as the PS4.

Sony has its ups and downs with the PlayStation, but overall it gets hit after hit – we just move quietly past the PS Vita! Two of Sony's consoles, the PlayStation and PlayStation 2, have sold more than 100 million units, while the PS4 looks good after selling over 70 million in just four years. Even the PlayStation 3, which had a problematic start, sold about 84 million.

With the PlayStation 4 a bit out of touch with this generation of consoles, the hype surrounding the PlayStation 5 will be enormous. Console announcements are fairly rare due to the time between new machines, so the PS5 announcement will be one of the biggest events of the decade – unless the Reval comes in 2020.

Will the PS5 beat the Xbox Two? [19659022] OK, so we have no idea what the next Xbox will be (Microsoft likes surprising people), but the big question is whether or not the PS5 will outsource the next Xbox. In all likelihood, the PS5 will be the most popular next generation home console. While Microsoft is stepping up with the Xbox, its next console is more powerful with the PS5 than the Xbox One with the PS4, Sony is currently in such a dominant position that it's almost impossible to conquer the throne

An important point In the next-gen fight between the PS5 and the Xbox Two will be when every machine starts. The first machine to hit the market is likely to benefit from being the first next-gen machine, as the Xbox 360 was able to gain a foothold, while Sony was waiting to launch the PS3. A new Xbox ahead of the PS5 seems unlikely, as Microsoft released the Xbox One X a year after the release of the PS4 Pro, but Microsoft will try to regain market share after a non-ideal launch of the Xbox One in 2013

Right now we're ending with this our speculation on the release date of the PS5, but keep this guide in mind as we will update it with all future information we hear about the PlayStation 5 There will certainly be numerous alleged PS5 info leaks before we do anything Get official, and we'll be here to let you know if they're credible or not.

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