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"PUBG Lite" announced as a free standalone product

A new version of PlayerUnknowns battlefields was announced with PUBG Lite devices a way to use the BattleMech Play Royale game.

PUBG Corp. has recently announced the new product PUBG and said it is currently available in a beta form, though it was previously released only in Thailand. It may extend to other regions from there, depending on how the beta test is conducted, with the focus on the beta test and the overall product being set to hardware with limited performance.

Goals for PUBG Lite were outlined by PUBG Corp. explains what to do with the new version of PUBG which according to the developer can even be reproduced on devices with integrated graphics.

"Deliver the PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Experience for players in areas where the required core game specifications are more difficult to achieve due to the hardware available," commented the PUBG Lite Team the new product. "To that end, the PUBG LITE team has focused on balancing lower hardware requirements without compromising our quality standards, and the end result is a build that can even be reproduced on computers and laptops with integrated graphics can. "

  PUBG Lite Specs
(Photo: PUBG Corp.)

PUBG Lite is indeed a new product. The team calls it a" standalone product from the core PUBG game "with its own development team and exclusive content and features. PUBG Lite & # 39; s client will also be free, additional developers will be added, the image will be added later above has been shown to show which minimum and recommended specifications for PUBG Lite apply.

Only one map is currently available in the Thailand beta test, with Erangel being the chosen battleground for players to fight on. This is the original map of PUBG . The order and pace at which the new maps are added [194590] 12] PUBG Lite was not addressed. Regarding the game modes, the PUBG Lite team said that solo, duo and squad matches are available in the TPP mode of the game in the low-end version of PUBG will be.

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