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Puppy digs woolly mammoth tooth in the backyard of the family

LANGLEY, Wash. – A puppy is credited with unveiling a piece of prehistoric history along Puget Sound, Washington.

A dog owner from Island County says his dog is literally dug out of his own backyard to build a woolly mammoth tooth.

Kirk Lacewell says he has lived in Langley for about six years. His dog Scout is not his first pet, but it is a fun innovation for his family. A few weeks ago, Kirk noticed that Scout was paying close attention to his garden.

"I saw it a few months ago a day ago with a stone that looked like a stone, I did not think anything of it," Lacewell said. "The next day he had that stone again."

Something about Scout's discovery seemed to be in the foreground of Lacewell, so he cleaned up and called the experts at the University of Washington.

"I called the museum and the paleontologists there to examine the pictures and told them that this was part of a woolly mammoth tooth," said Lacewell.

He told KCPQ that the tooth could be 1

3,000 years old and although the discovery It was certainly not a first for Western Washington, it was certainly for Scout.

Now, Lacewell and his neighbors are wondering which other prehistoric treasures could hide underground on Whidbey Island.

"Andy Warhol said everyone had fifteen minutes Glory, "said Lacewell," Well, Scout and I have been famous for fifteen minutes now. "

Lacewell says he intends to keep Scouts Fund as a family heirloom, and who knows what other gems the scout from his backyard

"If we find the rest of the woolly mammoth in the backyard, we'll call you back," he said.

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