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Puppy rescued after owl, dropped on golf course

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2-week-old puppy was rescued after being carried away and dropped out on a golf course in Arizona on Friday, according to a rescue organization.

The puppy latte suffered puncture wounds from the owl's talons. The wounds were visible in the dog's skull, Foothill's Animal Rescue said in a release. She is now recovering.

Bonnie Ziegler, a foster mom, left left and three other puppies out for a supervised potty break Friday morning at her home in North Scottsdale, but only three dogs returned, the rescue said. Latte, the fourth puppy, could not be found.

"I did not hear a sound and the other puppies did not bark." It was as if they were just vanished, "Ziegler said, according to the rescue. FIKILY REUNION AND NEW PUPPY BEGINNINGS [194559] ]

Nearly 12 hours after Latte's disappearance, Golfers at Troon Golf Club found the injured puppy dehydrated and under a hole in the 16th hole, the release said.

Ziegler Next Door and alerted the foster mom.

Latte did not suffer any broken bones and is good spirits, the rescue said. She is expected to stay in foster care for a few more weeks.


The puppy's veterinary costs amount to about $ 4,500, and

The rescue is a non-profit organization and cage-free shelter that provides a temporary shelter for homeless dogs and cats.

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