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Pusha-T confirms that a new album is coming

Pusha-T has a new album on the way.

GOOD Music's rapper cut it off on Wednesday (August 28) with Ebro Darden on his radio show Beats 1, confirming that his latest project will be completed for release.

"That's what I'm cooking right now, so I'll do it," Push told Ebro. "I'm feeling a good way, I have some really, really hot."

Both the "Coming Home" supported by Lauryn Hill and Kash Doll's "Sociopath" supported on Wednesday and Tuesday (27. During the interview, Push talked about how both collaborations came about.

"I just made the request. She expressed that she likes my music and that she would take care of it, "Push said, working with Lauryn on the record, which deals with mass incarceration." I definitely followed the Queen for any … whatever it took and it was very important to me when she showed interest. It was just very important for me to definitely have her with me. Lauryn, her discography, it means everything. It's crazy, so it was not about ever rushing or being limited in time, just about making the song right and to our liking.

The Virginia rapper also touched on the importance of the track Twitter.

"This is far more than a song, it's a movement!" He wrote. "We are doing everything in our power to bring home men and women who are trapped behind the wall due to an outdated 3-stroke drug law."

Regarding Kash Doll, Push said he actually owned the song for a while, but needed only the right fit for a feature.

"I had the & # 39; Sociopaths & # 39; record for one minute. I wanted a woman on the record that I believed could really perform the way I wanted her to be really sharp, "he explains." For me, Kash Doll represents an era of female hip-hop in which the lyric is first class. It is super spicy. It's competitive with the guys. And she represents it for me, so I thought she was going to execute, and she definitely did. "

Push appeared in a handful of features as early as 201

9, and clearly intends to end it with more of her own music

Listen to Pusha's "Coming Home" and "Sociopath" Recordings below. [19659012] Here's the ultimate guide for rappers with acronyms in their name

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