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Putin boasts new nuclear weapons are decades ahead of rivals

With Eleanor Mueller and Connor O'Brien

PUTIN CHALLENGES NEW NUKES LEAVING RIVAL IN DUST, via the Associated Press: "Russian President Vladimir Putin boasted on Thursday that they allegedly owned his country's supposed nuclear weapons Years and even decades before foreign designs.

History Below

"Putin told graduates of Russian military academies that the new weapons represent a quantum leap in the nation's military capability.

"A number of our weapon systems are years and perhaps decades before foreign analogues," Putin told young military officers who gathered in an ornate Kremlin hall. "Modern weapons contribute to a multiple increase in Russian military potential."

Before the just announced summit with Putin on July 1

6 in Helsinki, President Donald Trump will play in 2016 timid about the Russian interference presidential elections, writes Matthew Nussbaum of POLITICO

"Russia further says that they had nothing to do with interference in our election! " The President tweeted Thursday morning.

Also Thursday, Sen Lindsey Graham (RS.C.) said Trump must engage in election interventions with Putin. "If Putin says that Russia has not interfered in our election, he is lying," Graham said. "If he says they will not do it in the future, he's lying." Meanwhile, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg says Trump's planned summit with Putin being "a sign of strength", via James Randerson of POLITICO

Nonetheless, nervous US allies and Russian skeptics watch Reuters write

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MD TRIVIA: Today's quiz question comes from last week's winner, David Morriss: The Navy recently accepted their latest DDG-51 destroyer, the USS Thomas Hudner. The Navy called the destroyer a Medal of Honor receiver who intentionally crashed his plane while trying to provide support and distraction as enemy forces approached a downed aircraft.

Who was the fallen flyer Hudner's attempt to help and what was his groundbreaking award?

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FOR YOUR RADAR – POMPEO VISIT NORTH KOREA, The Financial Times: "US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will visit Pyongyang next week to further the efforts of the Trump administration to force North Korea to denuclearise, as four of its plans confided.

" The visit will be the first executive-level meeting be. Since the meeting between US President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un in Singapore this month, contact has been made with a major summit in Singapore. Their joint statement has been widely ridiculed for missing specific details, but US officials have tried to take the next steps. "

In South Korea, President Moon Jae-in said his country's alliance with the US is the key to the recent steps toward denuclearization of the peninsula via Reuters

And the commander of the US Armed Forces says South Korea has paid 90 percent of the largest foreign base, even through Reuters.

– WHILE MATHIS TO TRANSFER TO JAPAN, The Washington Post writes: "The United States will increase its commitment to upholding Japanese security while implementing Trump's nuclear deal with North Korea, said Defense Secretary Jim Mattis on Friday. [19659005] "We are currently in negotiations with North Korea, but in this dynamic time the long-standing alliance between Japan and the US is established," Mattis told reporters in Japan s Ministry of Defense in Tokyo

"We are forging our alliance with one other democratic and free nation in this separate negotiation, so it is clear, "he said.

And Japan will select a state-of-the-art radar for its billion-dollar missile defense system, Reuters adds.

HOUSE HANDILY PASSES $ 675B DEFENSE BILL, reports our colleague Connor O'Brien and your Morning D correspondent: "Parliament has spent $ 675 billion on defense spending on Thursday, according to lawmakers Provisions had been made to prevent the Pentagon from doing business with the Chinese telecommunications companies ZTE and Huawei and pave the way for a double purchase of aircraft carriers the Navy

"The vote was 359-49, with 137 Democrats serving all besides three republicans, to adopt the fiscal 2019 Defense Acquisition Law.

"Legislation would continue Republican-led efforts to build up the military." Deputy Kay Granger (R-Texas), who heads the Sub-Committee on Defense Budget, described the legislation as "the next critical step" in strengthening US military power "

Granger added she is" not afraid "to combine the just released defense spending bill with other finance bills, though she did not support the approach, Greg adds:" The Texas Republican also defended inclusion in the House Act of 93 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters, 1665 more demanded by the Pentagon to cut production costs and boost overseas sales.

"In Granger's Fort Worth Convention Center, Lockheed Martin's, the building the next generation of fighters. But companies based in 46 states are contributing to the production of the aircraft, said Granger, and 97 Congressional members called for additional funding.

"We will sell them and we sell them all over the world," she said. "The faster you get, the lower you will cost, so that's important."

– IN THE SENATE, THE USERS EXPAND THEIR DEFENSE BILL, your Morning D correspondent reports: "The Senate Media The Committee [Thursday] increased its defense spending of $ 675 billion (30-1), including an amendment who is calling for a report on a planned short-range submarine nuclear warhead.

"Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla), the only dissident, did not declare his voice during the serve.

"The committee adopted an amendment by Senator Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) Banning the funding of a proposed low price yield, submarine-launched nuclear weapon, until the Department of Defense reports to the committee, as well as the package of the Managers of other proposals, both by unanimous consent. "

The bill of the Senate candidate committee is here. The accompanying committee report is here. (19659005) MENENDEZ CLOSES IN SAUDI ARMS SALE, Reuters reports, "A top US Democrat Democrat said Thursday he could not support a Trump administration plan for selling high-tech ammunition to Saudi -Arabia and the United Arab Emirates over concerns about the war in Yemen, a decision that could derail the sale. "

" Senator Bob Menendez, senior Democrat in the Foreign Relations Committee, said the administration had been dissatisfied with his concern on the sale of thousands of precision-guided ammunition or PGM to members of a Saudi-led coalition that could be used to kill Yemeni civilians.

"His position could undermine the deal for Raytheon Co., the largest, maker of PGMs in the United States."

In addition, discounted US arms sales in Arab Gulf countries are being investigated by key legislators writes Bloomberg.

THE PENTAGON GRUDGINGLY INITIAL S PARADE PLANNING, NBC News writes: "Four months after President Donald Trump instructed the Department of Defense to organize a military parade, planning is just beginning, but no budget has yet been allocated.

"Pentagon officials told NBC News they will be able to pull off the extravaganza, but the lack of momentum is remarkable – and possibly an indication of low enthusiasm for the event outside the Oval Office.

"There is only one person who wants this parade," a senior US official said regarding Trump. "

INDUSTRY INTEL – BAE WINS 26 BILLION ANTI-SUB -DEAL FROM AUSTRALIA, reported to the Wall Street Journal: "BAE Systems has won a $ 26-billion contest to build nine anti-submarine frigates for Australia's Navy, as the US Allies tries its Australian marine minister Malcolm Turnbull will announce a variant of the British arm on Friday The frigate Type 26 of the manufacturer was chosen by competitors from Italy Fincantieri and Spain's Navantia SA. The frigates will be built in Australia by the local state ASC Shipbuilding, which will become a BAE subsidiary for the duration. They will start serving in the late 2020s. "

– BOEING RECEIVES A $ 1.5 BILLION MISSION FOR 28 KUWAIT SUPER HORNETS, via USNI NEWS:" Boeing received an order for $ 1.5 billion for the construction of 28 F / A-18E / F Superheroes for the Kuwait Air Force, according to a Wednesday Pentagon contract announcement.

"Kuwait is buying 22 of the single-seat 'E' variant and six of the two-seat 'F' variant super-horseshoes.The deal was tackled since the end of 2016, when the US State Department congressionalized Kuwait's intent, Super Hornets On March 30, Boeing received a $ 1.16 billion contract to research, develop, and test the Kuwaiti Agreement. "

AIR FORCE STOP LIGHT ATTACK DEMO AFTER FATAL A-29 CRASH, Military.com reports: "The US Air Force's light attack demonstration remains on hold in the last week following the A-29 Super Tucano crash at Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico. Pilot was killed, "said a top general.

"Air Combat Command Commander General Mike & # 39; Mobile & # 39; Holmes told reporters that the flights were suspended after the fatal accident during the ongoing accident investigation and remain necessary until the officials decide on more testing." [19659005] MOVING MOVES – SENATE CONFIRMS NEW AFGHANISTAN WARSCOMMANDER: Before the Senate left the city for the Fourth of July break, Senate Lt. Gen. Austin confirmed "Scott" Miller to take command of US forces in Afghanistan ,

Miller, who will receive a fourth star, is now Chief of the Joint Special Operations Command. He replaces Army General John Nicholson, who has commanded US and NATO missions in Afghanistan for more than two years

Meanwhile, insurgents killed 29 people in Afghanistan on Thursday, including a bomb that had a target meeting between the Taliban and village elders calling for peace talks, the AP reports

and the Taliban allegedly struck a police commander in Kabul while picnicking with his family, the AP adds. 19659005] – HARRIS CONFIRMS AS AMBASSADOR FOR SOUTH KOREA: On Thursday, the Senate also confirmed retired Admiral Harry Harris as Ambassador to South Korea, who had occupied an important diplomatic post since the start of the Trump administration.

Harris, who had commanded the US forces in the Pacific, was originally named ambassador to Australia by the president, but was later elected to be the top diplomat on the Korean peninsula when the government expanded its contacts with the North Koreans


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