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Putin: Rainbow flag at US embassy in Moscow “revealed something about the people who work there”

Russian president Wladimir PutinWladimir Wladimirowitsch PutinMacron’s hubris and hypocrisy are at their best with the United States. Russia is voting for a referendum to ban gay marriage. Comrade Trump receives approval from Putin in a new Lincoln Project MORE bill On Friday, she mocked the US embassy in Moscow for raising a rainbow flag to celebrate LGBTQ rights and suggested “disclosing something about the people who work there”

; and referred to her sexual orientation.

According to Reuters, Putin’s statement follows Russia’s nationwide vote for constitutional reforms in which marriage is anchored as a union between men and women.

“However, it’s not a big deal. We have spoken about it many times and our position is clear,” said Putin, who has centered the district’s values ​​in line with the Russian Orthodox Church, as opposed to the more liberal western values ​​of the United States

“Yes, we have passed a law that prohibits the propagation of homosexuality among minors. So what? Let people grow up, grow up, and then decide their own destiny,” he said.

Since the law was passed, authorities have used means to stop gay marches and detain LGBTQ activists as violations of the law.

Putin defended the legislation and said he would not allow traditional parenting of mother and father to be undermined by ideas he called “parent number 1” and “parent number 2”.

Ekaterina Lakhova, head of the Russian Women’s Union, told Putin on Friday that she feared brands such as a rainbow-flavored ice cream company and other forms of multicolor advertising could be defined as propaganda and non-traditionally promoting values, the RIA news agency said .

“Even indirectly, things like this get our children used to this … flag that was hung by the embassy,” Lakhova was quoted, adding: “It would be very good to have a commission to ensure this enshrined in our constitution will be maintained. “

The British embassy in Moscow was also seen under a rainbow flag.

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