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Qaida militant is tied to deadly USS Cole bombings that were killed in an air raid

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One of the alleged architects of the fatal terrorist bomb attack on the USS Cole in 2000 may have been killed by a US air strike, the Pentagon said Friday

"We know from reports that Jamel al-Badawi was killed in a strike in Yemen," US Supreme Command spokesman Bill Urban told NBC News.

The officials were still trying to confirm whether the Qaida militant had been hit by a precision strike on New Year's Day in the Marib government in Yemen.

The bombing of the USS Cole in a Yemen port took place approximately eleven months before the attacks of the World Trade Center on September 1

1 and the Pentagon. In the October 12, 2000 attack, seventeen American sailors were killed and 39 more wounded when suicide bombers blew up a 40-foot-by-40-foot hole in a bomb-ridden boat, short of the Cole's hull after he had to refuel in the port of Aden.

Jamel al-Badawi, an Al Q Aeda militant convicted for planning the USS Cole bomb, was killed on 4 January 2019 in an air strike in Yemen. Yahya Arhab / EPO File

The then President Bill Clinton vowed to avenge the Americans. "Among those who attacked them, we say," They will not find a safe haven, "he said, and Al-Badawi was captured by Yemen two months later and was in one of their prisons when Osama bin Laden's forces marched on September 11 attacks a year later.

However, Al-Badawi escaped in 2003, and was charged by a state grand jury the same year with charges of terrorism, including murders of US citizens and Americans Citizens accused of military personnel.

The Yemenis took him back a year later, but two years later Al-Badawi fled again with a group of prisoners who had taken a tunnel from the prison to a nearby mosque.

It is believed that he is between 55 and 58 years old and a Yemeni citizen, al-Badawi has always been on the run According to the list of the most wanted terrorists The Department of Justice offers up to $ 5 million for information that led to his arrest.

Meanwhile, another suspected plotter of the Cole attack, a Saudi named Abd al Rahim al Nashiri, remains imprisoned in Guant√°namo Bay. He was arrested in Dubai in 2002 and allegedly tortured at CIA "black spots" in Afghanistan, Poland, Romania and other countries.

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