I hope President Trump did his homework. There are many rules that you must remember when meeting your Majesty, and many celebrities and even presidents have forgotten the proper royal protocol.

Her Majesty embraces peace, love and understanding in her annual Christmas message .

Buckingham Palace has a few teasers for Queen Elizabeth II. Published solemn speech to the UK and the Commonwealth, which aired on December 25th. The queen has supplied the address since 1952.

She will consider the importance of treating others, the palace announced. "Even with the deepest differences, dealing with the other person with respect and as fellow human beings is always a good first step towards greater understanding," the Queen will say.

A photograph taken in a white salon shows The 92-year-old monarch, who was in her Christmas ornaments, wore an ivory-colored silk cocktail dress by Angela Kelly with light blue, white and gold lace and a triple strand of beads around her neck A brooch attached to her bodice was given to her by Prince Philip in 1966.

Beside her on the desk is a framed black and white photo of the 1948 family, when Prince Charles was a baby, trimmed in creams and gold, sparkling in the background.

The annual speech is significant because it's their own words, the only public address she ever makes, that was not written or edited by the government, much to talk about: last year the The Royal Family has with Duchess Meghan , Prince Harry's wife, won a new high-profile member, and the couple is expecting his first child in the spring. Another grandchild, Princess Eugenie, married Jack Brooksbank in October. And the queen also welcomed two great-grandchildren: Lena Elizabeth, daughter of Zara Tindall, and Prince Louis, son of Prince William and Duchess Kate, the fifth in line of the throne.

Your speech will also refer to the places from which it draws strength and encouragement, "says the palace, noting that the queen" faith, family and friendship "as" not only a constant for me, but as a source of personal comfort and tranquilizer ".

"I believe His The message of peace on earth and of goodwill to all is never outdated," she says of the birth of Jesus. "It can be noticed by everyone; it is needed as urgently as never before.

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