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Queen Elizabeth is a “chocoholic”, but don’t touch your dessert before she does

Queen Elizabeth could have the sweetest tooth in the royal family. Her Majesty is said to have a great taste for chocolate, and her former butler even called it “Chocoholic”. Although Queen Elizabeth enjoys a good dessert like everyone else, there are very strict table rules that guests should follow when dining with kings – including those who are allowed to eat first.

Queen Elizabeth
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Within the etiquette of the royal family rules for eating with Queen Elizabeth

Royal etiquette governs how Queen Elizabeth treats the public and other members of the royal family. Some of these rules are visible when the royals go public, while others remain hidden behind closed doors.

During her 68-year reign, Queen Elizabeth had dinner with countless political leaders, celebrities, and kings from other countries. When it comes to etiquette in the dining room, all guests in the palace are expected to follow whatever Queen Elizabeth does at the table.

One of the first rules expected from her guests is to ensure that Queen Elizabeth is the first person to sit. Nor can people eat until Her Majesty has started eating and everyone is done when she is full.

Although most people strictly adhere to these rules, Princess Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell once remembered a time when a young prince dipped into his dessert before Her Majesty had the opportunity to start eating.

What happens if someone violates the royal protocol?

Burrell revealed that the incident happened when Queen Elizabeth hosted a dinner on the Royal Yacht Britannia in the South Pacific. According to Express, a local prince dined with Her Majesty and accidentally started helping herself before Queen Elizabeth had the chance to do anything.

“The prince forgot to watch what the queen was doing – instead he put the grapes in his finger bowl, then some cherries, and when the cream and sugar came out, he poured them and made some kind of fruit soup,” he said, explained.

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Burrell admitted that he looked horrified as he watched the entire scene. The prince only noticed his mistake when he wanted to eat the fruit bowl. Fortunately, Her Majesty was not offended and took a sip from her own bowl to make it feel less uncomfortable.

Burrell didn’t say what Queen Elizabeth thought of the situation, but it sounds like she took it all out.

A look at Queen Elizabeth’s diet

Regarding Queen Elizabeth’s diet, one of her former chefs, Darren McGrady, once revealed that she’s not very adventurous about food. Although McGrady says that Prince Philip “lives to eat”, he noted that Queen Elizabeth is more economical with her diet.

For breakfast, Queen Elizabeth likes to start her day with a simple meal. After drinking a cup of Earl Gray tea, Her Majesty usually has a bowl of cereal or some fruit. Sometimes she switches things over and eats a plate of scrambled eggs with one side of smoked salmon.

Before diving into lunch, she likes to enjoy a small drink of gin and dubonnet. She then keeps things light with vegetables or grilled chicken, usually accompanied by a salad. Her favorite food is the grilled Dover sole with a plate of spinach or zucchini.

Her Majesty also enjoys a high tea before dinner, which usually contains small sandwiches. Her favorite sandwiches are cucumber and smoked salmon or raspberry jam, cut in the shape of pennies.

For her last meal of the day, Elizabeth prefers meat for the main course – such as roast beef, lamb, or salmon – served in a sauce.

Her Majesty reportedly loves chocolate

While Queen Elizabeth usually sticks to her favorite staples all day, McGrady said she likes to change her menu when she dines with her kids.

For example, when she eats with Prince Andrew, she usually orders “creme brulee with Sandringham oranges”, which is his favorite food.

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McGrady also revealed that Her Majesty has a big sweet tooth. It turns out that chocolate is one of their favorite desserts and one of their favorites is chocolate perfection cake.

“She is absolutely an alcoholic,” he said. “Anything we put on the chocolate menu would choose it, especially chocolate perfection cake.”

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