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Quentin Tarantino Comes Once upon a time … In Hollywood's arrogant Bruce Lee

Photo: Tim P. Whitby (Getty Images for Sony)

The controversial saga of Once upon a time … In Hollywood the short Bruce Lee scene shows no signs of interruption. Director Quentin Tarantino reports that the scene is not quite as inaccurate as some of her critics claim. It all started shortly after the movie's release, when Bruce Lee's daughter Shannon Lee explained that she was disappointed with how the film made her father look like an "arrogant asshole." In the scene in question, Bruce Lee challenges Mike Moh Brad Pitts stuntman character Cliff Booth gets into a fight, with the match essentially ending in a stalemate before a final winner can be determined (though apparently this was a last-minute decision ).

Shannon Lee said her father would never challenge anyone to such a fight, but now – as reported by Variety – Tarantino says that's not true. "Bruce Lee was an arrogant guy," Tarantino said at a press event, adding that "not only did he make a lot out of it" for the film. He also pointed out that Bruce Lee's wife Linda Lee said similar things "in her first biography that I've ever read". Regarding the fight between Lee and Cliff Booth in the movie, Tarantino says it's no big deal for him to say that Cliff could beat that up Bruce Lee because Cliff is a fictional character (he compares that to the question whether Bruce Lee could beat Dracula). He goes on to explain it by saying that Lee would "kill" Cliff when they meet in a martial arts tournament, but in a "close combat" in the jungles of the Philippines, "Cliff would kill him." 19659004] Really, but no page in this argument really says anything particularly effective. Of course Quentin Tarantino will defend his film and of course Shannon Lee will defend her father. The real question now is whether Bruce Lee might or might not beat up Dracula and if anyone out there wants to buy the specification script we will write as soon as this post is published. Seriously, we do not do anything for the rest of the night when Bruce Lee does not fight Dracula.

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