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Quick matches: SoxFest, Banuelos, rule changes

White Sox GM Rick Hahn acknowledges that there will be some disappointment and clues if the White Sox does not get along with Manny Machado or Bryce Harper this offseason, but he is not ready to say more about the ongoing negotiations than necessary. Hahn completely rejected the idea of ​​signing both free-agent stars, as two monster contracts would compromise long-term flexibility to a detrimental extent. While Cock openly talked about machado rumors, he is dissatisfied with the number of both true and false leaks from the Southside per Athletic James Fegan . As annoying as the leak may be, Hahn assured viewers at SoxFest that they will continue to face all kinds of leaks. Fegan also notes that former top prospect has caused Manny Banuelos more hype than usual for an as yet unidentified 27-year-old. The Sox suppressed the Minor League-free agency of Banuelos by buying it in November from the Dodgers on the trade. Banuelos was around the block, spending time with the Braves and Yankees and starting six games in 201

5 for the former. He put together a solid campaign for Dodgers' Triple A daughter last season, throwing 108 2/3 innings with a 9-7 record, 3.73 ERA, and 10.52 K / 9 vs. 3.48 BB / 9 Well, rumor from the league office and more from SoxFest in Chicago …

  • The offensive landscape of baseball has shifted due to record numbers, increased bullpen utilization, shorter stints from starter pitchers, and careful long-term bullpen management. These trends have been made more visible by the media's increased attention to service time manipulation, especially in the case of Kris Bryant and the recent revelation of the Tampa Bay Rays, which has already gained acceptance. the opener. To curb these trends, Major League Baseball will propose to players' associations rules changes that may include the setting up of a clock, the reinstatement of the 15-day deactivation list and the extension of an optional player's time. It must be up to 15 days in the minor leagues the current minimum of 10 – although no other official has yet been released, by Associated Press's Ronald Blum . The League Office could prescribe these rule changes with one year's notice, but Commissioner Rob Manfred will unlikely use such aggressive tactics. So it's up to the players to decide if these suggestions are good for the game.
  • It is noteworthy that the league has taken steps to accelerate the pace of the game, as the average game time of 9 inning accelerated 3 hours, 5 minutes, 11 seconds in 2017, 3 hours and 44 seconds last year , Cutting Hill Visits without pitching change from 7.41 to 4.01 has certainly helped eliminate these 4+ minutes. It is difficult to quantify the impact of these changes, so baseball circles are given more than enough food for the debate, though it appears that talks about "state of play" will continue over the next two years current CBA expires in 2021. [19659010] White Sox pitching coach Don Cooper will not soon notice the wisdom of the opener, for Daryl Van Schouwen of the Chicago Sun Times . As Cooper sees it, the role of starter at White Sox has not changed, and he still expects to get more than 6 innings from his boys. This has been a difficult issue lately, as the Southsiders have built their employees from scratch through development and trade. The next season is a key year for her young arms, for the trio of Carlos Rodon Reynaldo Lopez and Lucas Giolito seems to be consolidating in the rotation the arrival of the next wave high-profile prospects, such as Dylan Cease Michael Kopech and Dane Dunning whose last two withdraw from the injury. Ivan Nova completes the first four in Cooper's rotation. Dylan Covey competes with Banuelos for the five places. However, there are still many arms on the market for free agents, and GM Rick Hahn says the team is working on 3-4 possible acquisitions. Given the collective injury problems Chicago was struggling with its young poor, it would not be surprising if one or two veteran armies were brought into the camp for cheap or inferior deals.


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