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Quinn Cook has a career-high 30 points against the Bucks

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1; Recently, Quinn Cook sat anonymously on the Warriors' bench during the games. He would then slip out of the Oracle Arena without reporters wanting to speak with him.

Fast forward on Thursday against the Milwaukee Bucks, a game that marked its eighth, even two-digit performance, and scored its fourth time scoring 20 or more points in the past two weeks.

It was another tent night for Cook, who had a career-high 30 points in the loss of Warriors 116-107. When he sat in front of a room with reporters on the podium, he was asked if he knew how many times he had been in this position in the past three weeks.

"I lost track," Cook said.

Cook's share has jumped lately. The 24-year-old, who has a two-way contract, has proven that he not only belongs to the NBA, but that he can shine in it as well.

Cook has begun ankle and knee injuries to Stephen Curry in nine of the team's last ten games. And on Thursday, when Kevin Durant and Draymond Green were back in the line-up for the first time since injury, it was Cook who stole the show.

He shot 12-for-15 off the field and made all five of his three-point attempts. He scored more than twice as much as any of his teammates.

Cook wrote his all-star teammates for his strong performance.

"Everything is 10 times easier than the last few games," said Cook. "These two guys bring so much presence."

But with or without All-Stars on the court, Cook has proved he's capable of playing games and being very productive.

"You can see his self-confidence grow," said Durant. "… that's all you need in this league is self-confidence and opportunity."

Cook clearly believes in himself, but he is also very modest.

Asked if the Warriors contacted him to add him to the playoff list, he said no. But he also said that he would not be surprised or disappointed if that had never happened.

"No, I think the 15 guys who go into the playoffs will be good enough to win them," Cook said. "Whatever happens, it's going to happen, I'm still here, pushing guys into the field, being a great teammate off the ground and being one of the loudest people in the stands behind the bench."

It's very likely Cook will receive this promotion Considering that Curry (sprained left MCL) has been through the rest of the regular season, he is likely to miss the first round of the playoffs.

But Cook said that's not all his focus.

"Nothing has been talked about," said Cook. "It's not in my control, I just control what I can control, just stay consistent as I said."

Warriors coach Steve Kerr repeated Cook's comment and said the Warriors are trying to win games ,

"I have enough to think about," Kerr said. "I do not think about when Steph will come back, I have to figure out what to do now, we're fighting right now, we're not playing well [Cook] played great and he played a big role for us and that will go on But who knows what will happen in five weeks. "

So, until Cook gets the call, he'll just keep doing what he did. He stays ready. It worked for him earlier.

"Whatever happens happens," Cook said. "I have not thought that far yet."

For Cook, the most important thing is to enjoy what is happening around him. It's something he has worked for throughout his career.

"I'm just focused, honest," Cook said. "I'm just going to win as many games as possible, I just want to stay consistent and continue to be a great teammate."

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