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R. Kelly ignored the prosecutor's complaint because he can not read lawyers

CHICAGO – R. Kelly spent most of Wednesday in court. His lawyer told a judge that the singer had not received a lawsuit from one of his sexual abuse prosecutors for being illiterate and $ 62,000 to Kelly for their paid child support during a second hearing.

At the first hearing, Judge Moira Johnson lifted a default judgment she had issued against Kelly after the singer had not responded to a lawsuit filed by one of the four women he had indicted for sexual abuse. Johnson resumed the lawsuit after one of Kelly's lawyers explained that the singer was in jail when the trial documents were sent to him, and that Kelly did not answer because he can not read.

The second hearing, which concerned the support of children, came weeks after the judge in this case sentenced Kelly to prison after convicting him for failing to repay his former wife, the mother of his three children, $ 1

61,000 would have. Kelly remained detained for three days until he increased support for the back child.

"He's not a fool-dad," Kelly's attorney Lisa Damico told reporters following Wednesday's hearing, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. "All he wants to do is make his kids right."

Kelly's bookings for performances began to dry after a television documentary titled "Surviving R. Kelly" was aired. That was weeks before his February arrest, which accused him of the late 1990s sexual abuse of a woman and three girls over a period of about 10 years. But on Tuesday, one of his attorneys told reporters that he was making appearances for the Grammy-winning R & B singer in Illinois and outside the state, and he expected the judge to approve travel requests to make those appearances.

Kelly did not plead for sexual abuse charges and denied any wrongdoing.

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