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R. Kelly student Keke Palmer talks about "heartbreaking" allegations

The terrible charges – and now criminal charges – against R. Kelly was a heavy blow to his fans around the world. Some are somehow even in his corner.

But do not count Keke Palmer to them.

The singer and actress was mentored by Kelly at the beginning of her career. I think she knew him well enough to take a look at his demons.

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But in an interview on Sunday night Watch What Happens Live she told how hard it was for her to documentary Surviving R. Kelly who set out the various allegations and humanized those who hired them:

"The whole thing was eye-opening, painful, sad, disappointing, and heart-rending.

When Andy Cohen asked if she was surprised, Keke admitted:

"Yes, because that's not the site I knew. This is not the person I worked with. That's not the experience I've made. "

Just think of how many times we've heard this during the #Metoo movement and in the past few years.

People on the sidelines who were not molested or molested or abused ̵

1; who were there and saw nothing. But that is probably what happens. People hide their darkest self – and when it's revealed, it's a huge shock, even unbelievable.

Keke continued:

"Imagine, you have a great experience with someone and hear everything. The stuff is like," Why did not you show them what you showed me? "

Why did not you show them

Gurl, did you? all this backwards. It's not that there really was a good person hidden from all these young girls, Keke. There was a monster hidden from YOU.

  R Kelly on stage with black demon wings in 2016
R Kelly on stage with black demon wings during "The Buffet Tour" in 2016. / (c) JLN Photography / IF [19659017] We're Safe that all these people who do these horrible things have fantastic sides. Yes, Kevin Spacey can act very well, as Dame Judi Dench would like us to remember. But it obviously does not change how we should see the allegations, right?

Keke concluded:

"I hated talking about it because I thought, man, you were a friend of mine, but then it's me. I see you as an enemy to others and I'm hurt for them. How do I feel about it? How do I put myself in this position now? It was very sad. I think anyone who loved him as a person is likely to feel that way. This is not something you want to hear from someone you love.

This was not the first time Keke spoke.

As soon as she looked at the doctor for the first time and her eyes opened, she quickly changed. In an emotional Instagram post she wrote:

"Just finished surviving. R. Kelly and I have been crying for the last hour. As a student of R. Kelly, I was and was for the time being to understand his light and the obstacles he had overcome as a child to actually be born into the musical genius that he is today. Everything to bring others through the same darkness he ran from is the most discouraging thing to accept. Many people experience hardships and can not be freed enough by their passion to shine a light. R. Kelly received this grace from God. God has blessed him to defend his shortcomings in childhood, and yet he has struck God in the face by his actions against these women. "

We are glad that she is not one of those people who choose to defend the person they know. only because they did not see the dark.

She may be broken, but she is on the right. [194559007] [Image via Judy Eddy/JLN Photography/WENN.]

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