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Racially offensive advertising that is published on social media leads to the study of school districts

The school district of Sarasota County confirms that they are investigating a racially offensive subpoena posted on social media.

A district spokesman confirmed that the Riverview High School senior has posted a picture that they are worried about school and student safety.

The letter to Snapchat says, "If I was black, I would pick cotton, but I'm white, so I'll pick up U 4 prom?"

The district tells us that they have not finished yet The 18-year-old is expelled from prom because it is an ongoing investigation.

Sarasota County Schools has released the following statement on the incident:

On Sunday night, the school district of Sarasota County was alerted to a social media post by a Riverview High School student who caused a worrying situation. It is a senior who made a "proclamation" to another student of racial nature. Many who saw the post and later apologized are understandably angry at its content and comments. Neither the school district nor the Riverview High School tolerate or support the mailed embassy. This incident remains an ongoing investigation and any disciplinary action and recommendation will be made accordingly.

This morning, a message was sent to parents and students about the incident. In addition, Riverview consultants were made available to individuals or groups who wanted to learn about race and the content of the social media post. Likewise, the school district is working with local and national civil society leaders, including the NAACP, to develop a discussion forum to discuss race, not just in Riverview, but throughout the district as well. Although this message is the opinion of a single student, we take the racial relationships and safety of the school seriously and look forward to engaging in a meaningful and informative dialogue with our students and these external groups, and to broaden the curriculum on this important national topic ,

The Sarasota County Schools also tell us that they sent a text alert to parents Monday morning and that they want more information on Monday.

The student we do not identify has also apologized to social media.

The following message was sent to parents and students Monday morning:

Good morning. This is Kathy Wilks, Deputy Director of Riverview High School. We would like to draw everyone's attention to the social media post of a student who caused a very critical situation. It is one of our seniors and his "Annunciation" to another student. It was racist and the administration became aware of it last night.

Many who have seen the post are understandably angry at the content and subsequent commentary on the post. Riverview High School does not endorse or support the message posted in this post.

The student's post is examined by the administration; The parents of the participating students were contacted and appropriate measures initiated on the basis of the investigation. We focus on ensuring that Riverview High School provides a safe environment for all our students, and that all students feel welcome and understand the value they bring to our school community. Our counselors and administrators are available to every student who wants to talk to someone about the subject. Riverview High School has a wonderful student body and we know that our school will use this incident as an opportunity to have productive discussions of mutual respect. We look forward to the beginning of a new week and know that together we show our pride in the spirit of our school by serving each other. Thank you.

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