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"Racist" D & G ad: According to the Chinese model, the campaign has ruined her career

  Dolce and Gabbana's # DGLovesChina campaign

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The ad should display "#DGLovesChina".

The Chinese model, featured in a Dolce & Gabbana advertising campaign charged with racism, said the controversy almost ruined her career.

Three videos released in November showed that Zuo Ye had difficulty eating Italian food including cannoli and pizza with chopsticks.

Widely regarded as insulting, this led to fierce counter-reactions in China, with several retailers attracting the brand's products. [1

9659007] Ms. Zuo said she felt "guilty and ashamed," but asked for sympathy.

The debate rekindles after her statement on the Chinese social media network Weibo, and some people hope she can continue her career as a model and understand that her hands were linked to D & G.

"It almost killed my career"

In a long post on Monday, Ms. Zuo said it would normally be an exciting career move if I work for an international brand like D & G. "

She Explains that she understands that "it is about representing the national image of China and Chinese culture," and that she feels "even more guilty and ashamed."

She also promised to "improve my behavior in the future."

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Consumers called for a boycott of D & G products in China

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  • D & G breaks show under racist accusations

According to her statement, she knew the shoot was about trying Italian delicacies, but she felt very awkward when she was asked to eat something pizza and pasta with chopsticks.

The director challenged them to show shock and unbelief first, then roll their eyes and finally enjoy and satisfy the alleged palatability of the Italian courts, she said.

The model explains that she has not seen the final clip before its release.

She also writes that she did not receive any support during the game, even if she, her family and her agent were attacked in widespread attacks on social media.

Support and Condemnation

Since the article by Ms. Zuo, the opinion on Chinese social media has been shared.

While some consider them victims of the Italian brand and sympathize with their experience, others remain critical of themselves.

Others point to the problem that models throughout the industry are powerless, often forced to do things they do not necessarily want to do.

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Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana asked for forgiveness

In November of last year D & G released the videos on social media in the run-up to a fashion show in Shanghai.

The entire campaign was accused of trivializing Chinese culture and promoting unflattering stereotypes.

"Chinese consumers are not naïve, they will recognize insincerity and tokenism just a mile away and respond accordingly," Dr. Julie Bilby from the Media and Communication Department of RMIT University in Melbourne opposite the BBC.

The dispute escalated further when screenshots were shown in which designer Stefano Gabbana insulted China in an Instagram chat.

D & G insisted that the account for the controversial advertising campaign had been publicly hacked and apologized.

The Italian luxury company had to cancel the fashion show in Shanghai and its products were removed by several Chinese online retailers.

Consumers in China also called for a boycott of the brand.

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