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Rafael dos Anjos executes plan against Kevin Lee

ROCHESTER, NJ – On the way to UFC on ESPN + 10 it was a long time since Rafael dos Anjos won the last victory almost every day 17 months ago. So, what's 25 minutes left if needed?

As seen by Dos Anjos, Kevin Lee first came to welterweight and carrying 15 extra pounds would not be easy. Dos Anjos was ready to take Lee to deep waters, and that's exactly what he did.

Dos Anjos resisted the furious pace and left Lee where he wanted him until lap 4, when Lee finally seemed to fade, which allowed Dos Anjos to finish with an arm-triangle choke at 3:47 ,

"I think in a five-round fight I knew that there would be an advantage for me," said Dos Anjos, who shot a duel in a duel. "And I just kept calm, followed the strategy with my experience and was able to make it happen."

Indeed, Dos Anjos said he was sure to hit the "The Motown Phenom," even though Lee seemed to be in good positions against the cage. with small shots. It was all part of a game plan to wear it down. In round 4, coach Jason Parillo challenged Dos Anjos to use his push and his combos more.

"I started it and it has opened a lot," said Dos Anjos.

Nevertheless, the fight went according to plan plan, it was not easy for Dos Anjos, with three rounds of action between the two fighters who went everywhere. He praised Lee for his strong performance and believes that his future could be promising at £ 170.

"Yes, he is tough," said dos Anjos. "I think he can beat a lot of people there. However, it takes a while for these small adjustments to be made. He is a tough guy. He is strong, has become strong the first time. He is strong at welterweight. "

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