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Rahul Gandhi my Rakhi brother: Congress MLA Aditi Singh | Lucknow news

LUCKNOW: Tempted by rumors of her planned wedding to the President of the Congress Rahul Gandhi, MLA of Rae Bareli Sadar Aditi Singh expressed her anger over the marriage on Sunday.

"I am really sad to be spreading such unfounded rumors, Rahulji is like an older brother to me, I ritualistically rakhi to his wrist, those behind the connection are absolutely wrong and are aiming, my Image spoiling Rahul Gandhiji, "said the congressional MLA TOI.

Who could be behind the rumors and what their intentions might be, Aditi said: "The talk of my marriage to Rahul Gandhi is propaganda in the aftermath of the Karnataka elections, the intention seems to be to divert the congressional leadership and the workers into Karnataka toil, it's a guess who might be behind it. "

"I am really sad about such rumors"

Photos showing Rahul with Aditi and their families began to circulate on social media on Saturday. The title said that Rahul had finally found a match and that Sonia Gandhi spoke to Aditi's family to finalize things for the match.

Sunday morning, 29-year-old Aditi tweeted that she was very upset about the rumors.

"Such rumors have angered me, I want to make it clear that Rahul Ji is my Rakhi brother and I'm really sad about such rumors in social media," she tweeted. Aditi also warned those behind the rumor.

"Afwaah phalane whales baaz aayein (those behind the rumor have to take care of themselves)," she tweeted.

In another tweet, Aditi clarified that the images used to support the rumors were taken during Sonia Gandhi's recent visit to Rae Bareli. She added that her family had known the Gandhis for decades and that the pictures were taken from their recent meetings.

The daughter of Rae Bareli Sadar's five-time MLA sits Achilesh Singh, Aditi debuted in politics in 201

7. Her father had left the convention party a long time ago.

Allegedly Aditi has been personally selected by the congress leadership for the Rae Bareli Sadar seat. He should be close to Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. A management graduate from Duke University, USA, Aditi recorded a thunderous victory in 2017. She beat her next candidate with over 90,000 votes to retain her father's legacy.

Sources said that Aditis had triggered rise in the Groll Party in Panchvati, the House of Congress MLC Dinesh Singh and his brothers. Their increasing importance is said to be the reason for Dinesh's departure from Congress to the BJP on April 21st.

On Friday, Congress suspended Vidhan Parishad for disqualifying Dinesh's membership.

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