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Raidel ‘Joke’ Brito wins the first Madden Bowl championship after a run-only attack

In competitive Madden, Raidel “Joke” Brito is widely regarded as one of the biggest rivals on the sticks, with over $ 200,000 career win, 11 EA appearances, and several Madden Bowl final fours, but he never quite made it to reach the top of the mountain.

That changed on Saturday night at the Madden Bowl 2020.

The 26-year-old from West New York, New Jersey, on his way to a 17-0 shutout against Daniel “Dcroft” Mycroft from Mukilteo, Washington, was able to use his only offensive and stingy defense to win Madden’s biggest Stage.

Joke didn’t throw a single pass throughout the tournament and used the game’s race-oriented meta and special strengths as a competitor to create a scenario in which the championship could be won. During the tournament, players compiled their rosters in a wage cap system, with current and former NFL players available. Joke used this to his advantage and even decided not to include a real quarterback in his lineup. The focus was on the Washington Redskins Tress Way.

This gave Joke money to pursue strong offensive and defensive players with special skills, such as the defensive end of the Kansas City Chiefs, Frank Clark, an energy specialist, and former NFL security officer Taylor Mays, a safe tackler. Joke chose the Raiders offensive game book and the popular Miami Dolphins defensive game book to put it all together. The strategy worked. Joke ended perhaps the greatest season ever for a Madden professional with a championship win.

“We had three major events during the season that led to this tournament,”

; said Tyler “TDAVIS” Davis, a Madden competitor and commentator. “Joke was fifth, third and third in these tournaments on the way to winning the last tournament of the year. He was by far the best player in Madden 20. He was arguably among the top 10 all sizes of all time. And now he must ever be in the top five. “

After the victory, the joke burst into tears. But he explained on ESPN2 that although the title was a long time coming, he wasn’t emotional because of the win; He had dedicated this tournament, whether won or lost, to his good friend Taylor “SpotMe” Robertson, who was killed in mass shootings at a Madden tournament in Jacksonville, Florida in 2018.

“It’s pretty cool that Joke won,” said Davis. “Almost as if it were fate.”

Joke won $ 65,000 for his efforts. But he and previous champions see the real price as the Madden championship belt, which is made from 24-carat gold with over 700 Swarovski rhinestones and weighs 12 pounds.

Typically, at the end of the show, the champion would have the option of lifting the belt over his head to celebrate. However, since the tournament was played entirely online, there was a surprise: the scene was cut by Derwin James, a security for the Los Angeles Chargers, and also a dedicated Madden player who demonstrated the bled belt and announced that it would be Email it to Joke – before lifting it up on his behalf.

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