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Raiders still have not let go of Josh Jacobs in the passing game

ALAMEDA – Darren Waller is a close trade. That's his official job title, but he does a lot more.

Sure, he's an in-line tight-end, traversing routes from that point and occasionally locking them for the run. He is also a slot receiver. At other times it is a traditional wideout.

Waller is frustrating with opponents in terms of speed and size, especially when his offensive coaches find cheap matchups. He is too big for cornerbacks, too fast for linebackers, and his combination of skills is hard to secure, especially if they are deducted from their regular use.

That's how head coach Jon Gruden and offensive coordinator Darren Waller enjoy designing games like this.

"I think Waller is growing up here," Gruden said. "He's a guy we broke loose (on Sunday against Kansas City), we lined him up in the slot, we lined him up conventionally as a tight end and he's smart, he's got some productions, and obviously we always will use more. "

Waller has 1

3 catches for 133 yards on 15 goals in two games leading up to Sunday's game in Minnesota, which is a dynamic option for any location H

The remodeled receiver plays a lot of it

Waller has played 114 snapshots in two games, including 68 in-line tight-end, 20 out of the slot and 26 out of the width.

Trainers Try It Create new and inventive ways to reach out to somebody

"You always try to develop these players in every position," said offensive coordinator Greg Olson, "we have what we believe is an elite player in this position will, and that Now you are looking at every position for an employee who can demonstrate that kind of productivity and this kind of development. "

Blocking is an important part of making things unpredictable. Although Waller does not block much, Waller has significantly improved in this area, threatening to stay home and support the running game in a particular game. The defense can not assume that Waller is only a recipient, and must respect all aspects of his game.

"It has improved on all levels, from reception to route guidance and ending the blockage," Olson said. "He's a willing blocker and his position coaches would tell you that's half the battle for many of these bottlenecks these days, and that's what he has shown and the power to do." This creates confidence in the player and we believe he can get better but he is now a much better product than when he arrived here. "

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