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Rain and snow opportunities at the weekend

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Winter weather at Easter

This weekend we are going from spring into winter in only 24 hours, while a strong cold front is moving. The showers are possible on Saturday mornings, as gusty southwest winds flow in mild air. A tenth of an inch or less is expected, and the showers are hit and missed, leaving some areas dry. We will reach the mid-50s to near 60 degrees on Saturday before breaking through a cold front in the afternoon. However, the winds will shift to the northwest and bring temperatures down to the top 20 by early Sunday morning.

A narrow strip of light snowfall is expected to spread from west to east on Sunday morning north of I-70. The temperatures will be below freezing, so that a slight traffic jam is possible until 10 o'clock. In the early afternoon, another sweat band pulls from the west, south of I-70 and east-southeast. Snow will be the main precipitation type of HWY 50 North with some rain mixing with the snow further south. Sleet and cold rain are possible from early afternoon to early evening closer to I-44.

Temperatures reach only the mid- to upper-30s on Sunday afternoon, and snow is expected to accumulate on grassy and raised surfaces. Light snow will melt when it hits roads, but pockets of moderate snow cause mud on roads. Areas near and just south of I-70 may occasionally see some moderate snow that could lead to slow rides for a period from mid to late afternoon.

As far as amounts. most areas north of HWY 50 will see up to an inch of snow with possibly a few inches of two inches. Areas further south will probably only vacuum on grassy areas.

Please have a look at ABC 17 News for the latest forecasts and check out the updates for the weekend. The timing and trail of moisture are likely to change slightly, altering the predicted amounts of snowfall.

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